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“Fur Ball Fever” by Maureen Fisher caught my attention because I am a dog owner and I loved the idea of an entertaining crime read that involves dogs. I have to say that in that sub-genre the book is easily the best I have come across.
Grace owns Murphy, a slightly naughty dog but it is a client’s dog that has gone missing. She recruits her ex Nick to help to locate the dog. Foul play is supected since the missing dog won awards and the investigation leads to some marvellously written situations and characters.
The screwball comedy and chemistry between the main leads is amazing and really funny but the book is full of other hilarious, colourful and memorable characters. Grace’s aunt Beth was one of my favourites, but any dog owner will recognise and enjoy the odd suspects of the often competitive world of dog shows. I breed dogs and have had my share of odd encounters with people like that and many of the scenes in Fisher’s book rang more than true to me.
There is also an entertaining ‘kinky’ subplot in the story; the romance part of the story is steamy in parts but not distractingly so.
I hate to use the often over-used review phrase but the book was a real page turner for me and made me read on when I should have been doing other things. It is that good.
Well written, amusing and full of life this is an excellent fun read that should find a lot of fans, not just amongst dog owners. I hope there will be a sequel.

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