Sebastian, the second book in the Three Nations Trilogy, is currently in the later stages of editing and is expected to be published in spring 2013

While “Luck of The Weissensteiners” was set against the backdrop of World War II, in “Sebastian” Fischer turns back in time to the Vienna of the 1910s and tells how a different family in a different era is confronted with similar themes, albeit under less extreme circumstances.

Sebastian is the story of a young man who has to come to terms with the amputation of his leg just before World War I. When his father is drafted to fight he has to step up and manage the family grocery store through the hard times, bad fortunes and changes of personnel.

Vienna is the capital of a multi-cultural and multi-religious, liberal society that is on the verge of collapsing into several split nations, a development accelerated by the war. Against this backdrop Sebastian is finding himself and his own place in life.


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5 thoughts on “Sebastian”

  1. Oh, this sounds like my kind of series! I will definitely check these books out.

    Thanks for following my blog. I think I’m going to enjoy yours, as well.

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