Mystery Mondays Interview with Maureen Fisher

I’m delighted to introduce Maureen Fisher, a lovely fellow writer whose work I’ve been following for years now. As dog breeder the animal theme in her books of course speaks especially to me. What better way to present her new book “Horsing Around with Murder” than with my Mystery Mondays Interviews.


Welcome back to my blog, Maureen.Please explain to my readers what type of crime fiction do you write and why?

With three romantic suspense novels under my belt (I refer to them as romantic crime mysteries with heat, heart and humor), I decided it was time to bounce into another genre (a no-no for an author, but I’m not in this for the money). Since I love mysteries, I thought it would be fun to write some cozy mysteries while incorporating lots of crime, animals, and a hit of romance. Horsing Around with Murder is the first in a funny and furry Senior Sleuth Mystery series.

I chose to write about three sixtyish sisters because, hey, been there, done that, and have the wrinkles and body to prove it. I know a little something about how aging looks and feels, and have used my experience to incorporate some boomer humor into my book. It’s my attempt to fight ageism by spreading the word that growing older doesn’t make seniors invisible, boring, or less worthy of respect.

What is a cozy mystery?

As far as I can determine, there are some basic rules cozies must adhere to. First and foremost, sex and violence are downplayed or treated humorously. Also, the crime and detection must take place in a small, socially intimate community. Although a killing is not mandatory, if there is a murder, the victim is typically detestable. Thus, the crime, if not justifiable, is often understandable. Finally—and I admit this set of rules gave me some trouble—there should be no blood, no cursing, and no explicit sex.

Okay, so maybe I stretched these final rules a tad here, but I did NOT cross a cozy line. No siree. To start with, the action takes place in a contained little community—Grizzly Gulch Guest Ranch, a dude ranch owned by my protagonists. The victim, far from being an upstanding member of society, has a history of horse drugging, preying on women, and general sleaziness. Finally, my corpse doesn’t drip blood, my protagonists invented replacements for their favorite naughty words, and by the end of the book, no one has managed to engage in sex. Yet.

Are you like any of the characters (and how so)?

I confess to having an inappropriate sense of humor. Try as I might, I seem incapable of preventing this trait from migrating into my main protagonists. Here’s an example from Horsing around with Murder:

Bending over to scrutinize the cookies, Dodie presented me with a disturbing view. She’d encased her plump legs in black leggings, a feat as miraculous as stuffing a bucking heifer down a drainpipe. Her queen-sized butt-cheeks bulged, straining the wafer-thin fabric in an alarming manner.


“Whatcha reading?” my sister yelled. “Financial Planning for Dummies?

“Nope. Hard, Hung, and Horny: A Tender Love Story. You can borrow it.”

“Groovy.” She sucked in an audible breath and kept on walking with an odd stiff-legged gait, flared nostrils, and fixed expression.

“You look like you’re passing a kidney stone,” I observed.

“You have a … remarkable way with … words,” she said, staggering the last few steps. Once behind the counter, she flung herself into her chair with a grunt.

“That was a geezer-grunt,” I said. “What’s wrong?”

After a lengthy pause, she said, “Turns out cramming this year’s booty into last year’s jeans is the mistake that keeps on punishing.”

Tell us a little about Horsing Around with Murder.

With horses, and goats, and a llama, oh, my!

There’s secrets, and intrigue, and someone must die.

Abby, Dodie, and Clara Foster, three 60-something sisters, are astonished to learn they’ve inherited Grizzly Gulch, a dude ranch in the Alberta Foothills. Facing financial ruin, they host a week-long horse breeding symposium to attract more guests.

Hours into the symposium, a cowboy’s sudden death appears accidental. When the Mounties dismiss Abby’s notion of murder, she convinces Dodie and Zeke, their hot barn manager, to conduct a covert investigation without alerting their guests. Problem is, the quirky guests are their main suspects.

Chaos ensues when the senior sleuths tangle with one seriously amorous gelding (yes, it happens), a runaway stud, dwarf goats and their guard llama, a cranky stallion, drug abuse, deceit, and more danger. It doesn’t help that late-life romance ups the ante.

Warning: This book may contain inappropriate boomer humor.

“Great fun to read! I love it! Laughed out loud and enjoyed all the characters.”

“The physical comedy infused throughout gave me several actual laugh-out-loud moments – the mark for me of a great read.”

” I LOVED IT!!! What a fun cozy mystery.”


Horsing Around with Murder is available at:








Apple and More


What are you working on now?

I’m currently working on Book 2 of the Senior Sleuth Series, tentatively entitled Dodging the Bullet. Octogenarian Mildred Cox, a cagey card shark whose major poker win enraged the losers, lands unannounced with her pet ferret at Grizzly Gulch in a bid to escape pursuit. Luckily, a local retirement home’s annual seniors’ getaway coincides with her visit, providing plenty of cover. Attempted murder, ornery animals, mistaken identities, and vengeful geriatrics add excitement.

About Maureen Fisher

After eons in the I.T. consulting world, I live with my husband in Ottawa, Canada’s beautiful capital city, where I write fresh and funny novels featuring romance, mystery, suspense, and always an animal or two. I’m also a besotted grandma, a voracious reader, the Gardening & Landscaping Coordinator for our community, an avid bridge player, yoga enthusiast, seeker of personal and spiritual growth, pickleball player, and infrequent but avid gourmet cook. My husband and I love to hike, bicycle, and travel. I swam with sharks in the Galapagos, walked with Bushmen in the Serengeti, sampled lamb criadillas (don’t ask!!!) in Iguazu Falls, snorkeled on the Great Barrier Reef, rode an elephant in Thailand, watched the sun rise over Machu Picchu, and bounced from Johannesburg to Cape Town on a bus named Marula.


Other Books by Maureen Fisher

Cold Feet Fever (The Fever Series, Book 2)


‘One for the Money’ with steamy romance meets ‘The Sopranos’. A bad boy gambler and a mortician-turned-event-planner find romance while overcoming obstacles such as a goofy dog, ruthless thugs, exploding trucks, an eccentric granddaddy, disappearing corpses, an unfortunate synchronized swimming episode, and the threat of live cremation.


“An exciting novel that left me doubled over in laughter”

“a wonderful hilarious comedy … a warm and enjoyable read”

Fur Ball Fever (The Fever Series, Book 1)


This romantic crime mystery features romance (sizzling hot), a second chance at love (hope and heart), crime (dastardly), an aging aunt (bawdy), dogs with personality (many), and humor (may cause mascara to run).


“It entertains, it heals, it delivers a message.”

“… hilarious, moving, and sexy.”


The Jaguar Legacy

Romance, suspense, and adventure explode in the steamy Mexican jungle. A secretive archaeologist guards his discovery, the ruins of a hidden Olmec city, while a journalist on the trail of an ancient Olmec curse experiences flashbacks to her past life where shapeshifting is a reality.


“…magnificent characters and scenarios.”

“An intricately woven tale of mystery, romance and occult. Definitely a keeper.”


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#amreading : Preview copies from abroad (2)

9781771861823As I said on my blog yesterday, one of the biggest privileges of my writing life has been encountering some humble yet incredibly talented authors and becoming friends with the people behind truly inspiring books.

Murielle Syr, whose wonderful tale of a turtle ( caught my heart a few years ago,
has become a writer and a woman whom I simply adore.

Murielle has written in many different genres and has now found a publisher for her historical novel series. Needless to say. I cannot wait for it. To receive her advance preview copy from said publishers in Canada has made my day.

Available May 1, 2019 Pre-order now

Nadine is banished to a home for unwed mothers in 1950. She’s 15. Her baby daughter, whose father is shrouded in secrecy, is put up for adoption without her permission. Vowing to reunite one day with her daughter, she cuts all ties with her dysfunctional Irish and French-Canadian Catholic family whose past is cluttered with secrets, betrayals, incest and violence.

It’s now October 1970 in Montreal. Following two FLQ kidnappings, Ottawa proclaims the War Measures Act and sends the army into Quebec. These staggering events indirectly bring about a reunion between Nadine and her daughter Lisette, now 20 years old and embittered after being bounced from one foster home to another. Eight months pregnant, Lisette and her partner Serge, who is close to the FLQ, need money and see Nadine as a possible source.

A family saga with World Wars I and II, the Great Depression and the October crisis as backdrop, The Daughters’ Story tells the unsung, yet intensely passionate, tale of women whose unquenchable need to belong drives them to survive and thrive despite cruel conditions.


#amreading : Preview copies from abroad (1)

One of the biggest privileges of my writing life has been encountering humble yet incredibly talented authors and becoming friends with the people behind truly inspiring books.

I came across Richard Zimler‘s hit “The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon” by chance via a google search and have devoured his work ever since. Few people write with such delicate humanity and sensitivity, always think of others and enchant with prose as he does. I have read all of his work and am a huge fan.

I had the honour of meeting him on social media and in Lisbon last year and now am over the moon to see his latest work “The Gospel According to Lazarus” finally published in English. I received the honour of a preview copy from the publishers and am over the moon. I’m already far into the novel and can’t wait to post my review.
Such a great idea to pick Lazarus as narrator is all I can say for now. Thanks Richard and team!



Hidebound Hump Day — Cornelis Drebbel 30

Back in 2015 Teagan asked me to provide three things for her serial. Check out her blog – her writing and stories are exquisite and the images always great fun. You’ll see why I may be biased lol xxx

Teagan's Books

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Saturday Evening Post, 1937. Delivery boy ringing doorbell, waits with man in formal attire (and top hat) who has his head through a cut out in a big Valentine cardSaturday Evening Post, 1937

Happy Valentine’s Day, my chuckaboos!

I know this image is not from the right era, but the dashing man looking all afternoonified, made me think of something Cornelis might do.  I think Valentine’s Day around him would be positively naty narking.

Back in 2015, Christoph Fischer sent the “things” for this chapter.  Christoph is a blogger, reviewer, and the author of many compelling novels.   I’m currently reading “The Body in the Snow,” and I’m having a great time.  If you asked Christoph to let you see a photo of his Valentine, he might show you something like this…

4 Labradoodle puppiesChristoph’s Labradoodle Puppies

It’s time for Hidebound Hump Day!  If there are Valentines where our heroes are, then they are surely in shades of violet and lavender.  

Previously with Copper, the Alchemist, and the Woman in Trousers

Chapter 28

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This old Blogging Ape is greatly honoured and humbled to have been nominated for a 2019 Bloggers Bash Award – see the email below for details:

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Annual Bloggers Bash 2019 - Nominee: Best Blogging/Writing Blog


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Book Review: In Search Of A Revolution

Woke up to this wonderful review of one of my own favourite books. Thanks to blogger Pete for this.

This novel is set in a familiar time period, but in locations unfamiliar to many, and rarely featured in literature. Two friends in Denmark are inseparable, despite holding completely opposite political views. Close to the end of WW1, one of them decides to leave the country, and he volunteers to fight for the Reds, in the Finnish Civil War of 1918. Whilst there, he meets a nurse, and forms a relationship with her.
Meanwhile, his friend back in Denmark is espousing the views of the other side in politics, the burgeoning far-right. He is forced to leave Denmark, and flees to join his friend in Finland, with his arrival turning the relationship into an unusual love triangle.
This story has huge scope, reminiscent (to me at least) of novels like ‘Doctor Zhivago’, and the ‘Don’ books of Sholokhov. We follow the characters from 1918, right through to 1948, during the time of The Winter War between Finland and the USSR, into WW2, and collaboration with Nazi Germany. Historical detail is first-rate, and the changes in the main characters are well-described too. It’s all there for us. The social structure of Finland and Denmark, the turbulent politics of that thirty-year period, and the short but intense military actions experienced during three periods of conflict. And importantly, characters that I cared about and wanted to follow.
I am looking forward to reading many more of Fischer’s books.

As you can see from that review, I liked this book a lot. I also enjoyed the ‘traditional’ writing style, and construction of the novel. The book is divided into parts, and we follow certain characters in each time period, with chapters focusing on one or the other. No gimmicks, no style excesses, and what boils down to a good old-fashioned read. The historical setting may not be for everyone, but I assure you that this rarely-covered area of conflict is fascinating, and seeing political ideals tested to the breaking point as the whole world descends into all-out war gives the reader much to think about.

We also get a window into the lives of people of all classes at the time, from poorly paid labourers living in cramped conditions, to the dismissive wealthy changing sides and allegiances to secure their fortunes. But the book is also about close relationships. Those between parents and children, often stilted by the demands of a rigid society, and those of close male friends, disrupted by the arrival of a determined woman. Something for everyone, in just under 300 pages.

I read the Kindle edition of this book, and here are some links for you to see more about Christoph and his other books, and to buy the novel, if you should choose to do so.


Blogger Christoph Fischer is also a prolific writer, and many of his novels have been published. I have had two of his books waiting on my Kindle for a long time now, and finally got to read this one over the past few days. Here is a short bio of Christoph.

Christoph Fischer was born in Germany, near the Austrian border, as the son of a Sudeten-German father and a Bavarian mother. Not a full local in the eyes and ears of his peers he developed an ambiguous sense of belonging and home in Bavaria. He moved to Hamburg in pursuit of his studies and to lead a life of literary indulgence. After a few years he moved on to the UK where he now lives in a small town in West Wales. He and his partner have three Labradoodles to complete their family. Christoph worked for the British Film…

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Review: “Deadly Quotes” by Olga NM (Escaping Psychiatry 3)

Another one of my favourite authors brought out a new book and luckily for me, in the series of hers I like the best: “Escaping Psychiatry”

I do like a bit of psychological thrillers and psychological analysis, and this feeds pleasantly in this new book, which I would describe as a literary murder treasure hunt as friends and Doctors Mary Miller and Leah Deakin are puzzled over what may be a suicide note or a challenge by an incarcerated convicted murderer.
Could a serial killer behind bars have orchestrated another killing spree? Can the clues be found in his own autobiography?
Mary, a psychiatrist, survivor of attempted rape and murder, and amateur crime investigator by default, teams up with Leah Deakin, an FBI pathologist to solve the case and stop the series of killings.
Just as the official blurb promises, this is a gripping psychological thriller with two strong female protagonists and ultraintelligent and twisted bad guys in a cat and mouse game.
This is another excellent helping of a wonderful mystery series, written with sharp psychological observation and attention to forensic and psychological detail.
A real treat.
Get the book on Amazon US and Amazon UK 


My name is Olga Núñez Miret and I’m a writer. I also do translations of other author’s work. What else? I was born in Barcelona, Spain, and after living in the UK for over 25 years I decided to go back there searching for inspiration. Over the years I’ve done many things and had other lives but, however far I wander, I keep coming back to books and stories, my two earliest loves. When reading was no longer enough, I started writing. My first book was published in 2012 and my publications span different genres, from literary fiction to romance, Young Adult, psychological thrillers, and non-fiction. I plan on writing more novels in the same genres and if my imagination so dictates, I will explore others. I love to connect with readers, so don’t hesitate to get in touch..
If you want to keep informed of all my news, offers, and promos, you can sign up for my e-mail list here:
You can also find me in the usual places and I always include links in the books. Don’t forget to check my website/blog. I share reviews of my favourite authors and you will always find some surprises
Thanks for reading!
Me llamo Olga Núñez Miret y soy escritora. También traduzco las obras de otros autores. ¿Qué más? Nací en Barcelona, España, y después de vivir más de 25 años en el Reino Unido, decidí volver a casa buscando inspiración para nuevas historias. A lo largo de mi vida he hecho y estudiado muchas cosas y he tenido otras vidas pero no importa cuánto me aleje de esto, siempre acabo volviendo a los libros y las historias, mis dos amores primeros. Cuando leer ya no me bastó, empecé a escribir. Publiqué mi primer libro en 2012 y mi obra cubre muchos géneros, desde la ficción literaria al romance, la novela juvenil, los thrillers psicológicos y la no-ficción. Planeo escribir más novelas en los mismos géneros y, si mi imaginación así lo decide, exploraré otros. Me encanta conectar con los lectores, así que no dudéis en poneros en contacto conmigo.
Si queréis estar informados de mis novedades, ofertas, y promociones, podéis suscribiros a mi lista, aquí:
También me podéis encontrar en los lugares habituales y siempre incluyo enlaces al final de mis libros. No os olvidéis de echarle un vistazo a mi página web/ blog. Comparto reseñas de mis autores favoritos y siempre encontraréis alguna sorpresa.
¡Y gracias por leer!

Mystery / Thriller Review: “Two Rivers one Stream” by John Dolan

Today I’ve got a treat for you: John Dolan‘s new novel:

“All rivers flow to the sea; yet the sea is not full.”

On the Thai island of Samui, widowed private investigator David Braddock is stuck in a rut. Spending his days pandering to disreputable clients and his nights engaged in meaningless sex, this is not the life he had envisaged for himself. It passes the time, but it is hardly exciting.
Professional assassin Ross Gallagher has the opposite problem. He is sick of excitement. Years of travelling the world murdering strangers has taken a toll on his mental health, and he wants a different kind of existence before it is too late.
But their fortunes take an unexpected turn – and not for the better – when Braddock receives a phone call from his daughter saying she has killed her husband …

Here’s my review:

Detective Braddock and his engaging surroundings are drawn in yet another intriguing and spellbinding mystery when his daughter is in trouble over killing her husband. This series is kind of a spin-off a previous Karma Series and turns the focus away from the previous dynamic between a set of main characters and now involving the wider Braddock family. By doing this Dolan allows us to keep indulging in the great cast of  characters (bossy women, odd colleagues, handsome staff) we have grown so fond of, while providing us with fresh new elements and dimensions.
Assassin Gallagher, the other river in this rapid stream of a novel is a great contrast to Braddock and a marvellous addition to the cast.

Without going into too much details, there are great surprises and turns in this excellently constructed and plotted story but the appeal of this series for me lies again in Dolan’s writing style: the choice of excellent characters, the witty wordings and the dry humour blended with situational comedy. Braddock, his daughter and his mother in law have a gret dynamic and would easily be enough to keep a book without much story ticking over.
Gallagher is an excellent creation and also provides great entertainment in quite different ways.
It’s rare to find such great and entertaining writing combined with skillful mystery plotting.




“Makes a living by travelling, talking a lot and sometimes writing stuff down. Galericulate author, polymath and occasional smarty-pants.”

John Dolan hails from a small town in the North-East of England. Before turning to writing, his career encompassed law and finance. He has run businesses in Europe, South and Central America, Africa and Asia. He and his wife Fiona currently divide their time between the UK and Thailand.

He is the author of the ‘Time, Blood and Karma’ mystery series and the ‘Karma’s Children’ mystery trilogy.


It’s here! DEADLY QUOTES. Escaping Psychiatry 3. #psychologicalthriller #only 0.99 #Xmaspresent – authortranslatorOlga

The lovely and talented Olga NM has a new book out!

Source: It’s here! DEADLY QUOTES. Escaping Psychiatry 3. #psychologicalthriller #only 0.99 #Xmaspresent – authortranslatorOlga

Just joking. Or not?

If you’ve been wondering, the latest book in the Escaping Psychiatry series, Deadly Quotes, is here!

Escaping Psychiatry 3. Deadly Quotes. Cover by Juan Padrón
Escaping Psychiatry 3. Deadly Quotes. Cover by Juan Padrón

Deadly Quotes. Escaping Psychiatry 3.

Death by natural causes. That was the official explanation. Until they found the quote.

Killing isn’t as difficult as people think. In fact it can be quite easy.

Was it a novel the dead man had been writing? Was it an eerie suicide note? Was it murder?

Mary Miller and Leah Deakin, friends and doctors, are not sure there is a case worth investigating but are intrigued. Could a serial killer behind bars have orchestrated another killing spree? Can the clues be found in his own autobiography?

The fourth book in the Escaping Psychiatry series sees Mary, psychiatrist, survivor of attempted rape and murder, and amateur crime investigator by default, team up with Leah Deakin, an FBI pathologist, in a case that pitches them against a man who loves to play mortal games. Will they be able to stop him? And at what price?

If you enjoy reading gripping psychological thrillers, prefer strong female protagonists, feel oddly attracted to ultraintelligent and twisted baddies, and can’t get enough of challenging mysteries, you shouldn’t miss this novel.

Discover Mary Miller’s new adventure, and if you’re new to the Escaping Psychiatry series, you can go back and read the prequel Escaping Psychiatry. Beginnings, in e-book format without any extra cost.


To celebrate Christmas, and in case you fancy a non-Xmasy reading, the book will be available at $0.99  throughout the holidays. Go on, give yourself present. Or ask Santa.