Thistledown ― Midsummer Bedlam, with its radiant creatures and faeries will lift your imagination to new heights.

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Happy weekend and happy holidays, my chuckaboos!  Between the launch work of the past two weeks (prep and actual launch) for Thistledown – Midsummer Bedlam, I was working hard.  Now, I’m blessed to have a friend offer to do some handyman-type work around my house — things I’m not able to do.  Now that’s a great Christmas present.  However, with all those things, I haven’t had a minute to work on The Delta Pearl.  I promise the steampund riverboat will be back next weekend.

Meanwhile Dan Antion at No Facilities, had done a delightful post about Thistledown.  Dan has channeled the faery character named in his honor for my book. I hope you’ll click over and visit his post.

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A Guest Post – by Carver Eastdoor I don’t often have guest posts on No Facilities, and I don’t often talk about fairy, excuse me…

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