Very excited to share my review of Murielle Cyr’s latest book. Murielle has been a friend and an author I admire for many years now but she really surprised me with her latest novel, a move into my favourite genre: Historical fiction.

9781771861823“The Daughter’s Story” is a powerful story of female oppression in the 20th century.
In French speaking Canada of 1970 a young woman called Lisette is trying to find her biological mother. She’s pregnant by a terrorist and only seeks her mother to take advantage of her, not to find a happily ever after she doesn’t believe in.

Lisette is damaged, but as we get to know her mother’s story and family background – why had she given up the daughter for adoption in the first place – we peel an onion of family secrets and lies, spiced with (to this reader) a much lesser known historical background about the conflicts in Canada at that particular time.

As some of the family background goes way back to 1918 we get glimpses of other parts of Canadian history and how it affected said family.
This is a gripping and deep story about the far-reaching and life-altering consequences of selfish or even seemingly selfless decisions, brought dominantly on women by men. Cyr shows a multitude of female perspectives and engaging characters which culminates in an unexpected coming of age.

Those characters dug their way into my heart fast, I was moved and heartbroken, felt for the damage done and the opportunities lost, but also rejoiced at some of the strength and power the characters showed.
Knowing Cyr as writer in other genres I was amazed at her versatility (shocked to see her use some authentic foul language) and ability to address such harsh issues as if she had done so all of her life. I must say she did the topic great justice.
A voice to remember.

It should be released May 1st, but it’s available for pre-orders which will arrive at the end of March.

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