I’m delighted to present my review for this hugely entertaining and simply brilliant book.  Lucy and her books have been on my blog several times, which means this may be old news to you anyway…

So we’re back in Cambridge and its old College. Narrator Deputy Head Porter leads us drily and with breakfast sausages gallore through the investigation of dead bodies found on campus grounds. This is complicated by college rivalry, hierarchy, excentric behaviour and procedural mayhem.
While the mysterious nature of their deaths inspires the Dean in most bizarre ways – and what would you expect from him other than bizarre I ask – there are different theories and strands of the investigation.
All of this is interspersed with excellent observational humour, hilarious situational comedy and brilliant characters, making this hugely enjoyable and entertaining. My partner worked in Academia and absolutely adores this series. I get a great kick out of it just having been a benefactor of Academia as it were, enjoying the many truths about campus life that ring true to me.
The writing and language used are inventive, original and witty to a point that Brazier might as well write about the local telephone directory and I’d enjoy it. In this case, the mystery kept me on my toes as well as the many shenanigans and tribulations that go on in the background. Many grins and smirks and lols.

The book found me at a very busy time but I managed to find the time to read it, which should tell you something: Highly recommended.

Sometimes the opposite of right isn’t wrong. It’s left.

Tragedy strikes once more at Old College… The Porters’ Lodge is down to its last tea bag and no one has seen a biscuit for over a week. Almost as troubling are the two dead bodies at the bottom of the College gardens and a woman has gone missing. The Dean is convinced that occult machinations are to blame, Deputy Head Porter suspects something closer to home.

The formidable DCI Thompson refuses to be sidelined and a rather unpleasant Professor gets his comeuppance.

As the body count rises, Head Porter tries to live a secret double life and The Dean believes his job is under threat from the Russian Secret Service.

Deputy Head Porter finds herself with her hands full keeping Old College running smoothly as well as defending herself against the sinister intentions of the new Bursar.

Spies, poisoning, murder – and none of this would be any problem at all, if only someone would get the biscuits out and put the kettle on… 

This is the third instalment of the world-renowned PorterGirl series set in the ancient and esoteric Old College. Author Lucy Brazier opens the lid on a world which has sinister overtones in this cozy, BritLit mystery.

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