Sounds like a great book, a sad subject that some of my novels touched upon as well. #suggestedreads

Author Don Massenzio

Today we sit down with Author Giselle Roeder. She is going to tell us about her background, inspiration and work.

Please enjoy this latest edition of 20 Questions:

giselleQ1) When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

Actually I never thought of becoming a writer – I just was one. Even in grammar school I wrote wonderful essays and didn’t think anything of it. I just enjoyed it. As a teenager I started to write stories connected to the results of my kayak sports team races and felt a sense of pride to see my name on the ‘by’-line. After I finished my education I wrote a regular column about alternative the importance of exercise, health, beauty and nutrition. That was in the seventies –at that time I was a bit controversial but caused a lot of curiosity. I was invited to write for several magazines since…

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