A thoughtful post by my dear friend P.C.Zick about the big divide in the US presidential election.
Amen to that. The world looks with worry on one great nation. We have similar problems in Europe and the UK and all that at a time when we never had it better on the planet. I hope we get through this as a phase without repeating the 1930s and 19403s. Thanks for this post and much love across the ocean and all other divides!

Living Lightly

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The name of this blog is “Living Lightly,” but the topic of this post may veer from my intentions when I first started the blog. However, I must write what’s in my heart even if it means some of you (I hope not) decide to unfollow me.

I’m sickened by the political debacle occurring in my country, the United States. I’m tired of people my age–normally the politically active baby boomers–telling me continually they’ve decided not to vote because they are so disgusted with what is happening.

How did we sink so low?

And how much further can we go?

I’m worried. But yesterday, I discovered my new found concerns really should have bothered me before the crisis in electing a president.

Weekend guests to our home showed me I’ve been living under the falsehood that we are a nation of souls who love one another for our diversity and our…

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