Here are the links to three useful blog posts and articles about twitter. 


First up an article on how activity on twitter might help your presence in the google search engines:

“We struggle every day as authors to get the word out about what we do. It’s important to be firing on all cylinders. The agreement between Google and Twitter might help us in that endeavor. So, if you aren’t active on Twitter, maybe now is the time to reconsider. It will take a few months before the effect is noticed on Google, as the best estimate of the functionality taking place is sometime in the first half of the year. Happy tweeting!”


Secondly: Tips on how and when to tweet

We all know that Twitter should only be used for self promotion for about one in ten of the Tweets you send out. But that still means you can send the occasional Tweet, as long as you have given value to your followers in your other Tweets, either linking to something they might be interested in, replying to Tweets you have received or ReTweeting.

When it comes to the moment you can Tweet something promotional there’s some important things you can do to ensure you get the desired response, and don’t annoy your followers.


 And another tip: Use to see how people inetract and respond to your tweets – it’s free

Last but not least an article with tips for your tweeting content and habits

“Most entrepreneurs aren’t experts on Twitter, but all entrepreneurs can improve their engagement with a few minor adjustments. The following are seven ways to set your Twitter feed on fire”