The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap

Recent SPARC Adoptions.

1922271_802783819735548_470251765_n Kiley and her new best friend.

1959579_802768736403723_1258910285_n Buddy found his furever home.

1796081_802702753076988_20094413_o Zenith’s new mom.

1011066_802700253077238_481886010_n Delilah’s new folks.

1620382_802130916467505_1922066264_n Conan has left the building with his new family.

1656267_802130566467540_1768159639_n Griffin’s new love buddy.

1891209_802101143137149_422850856_n Sprinkles being loved on by new mom.

10779_801628733184390_158526809_n Coco reunited with family.

1604558_801585786522018_1541984531_n Dakota’s new siblings.

14856_801533536527243_2009145962_n Chloe’s new happy family.

1924731_801479916532605_579057970_n Does it get any cuter than Dalton and his new family?

1926757_800485843298679_558945030_n Clark’s going home.

1908247_800448433302420_567690580_n Troy’s new family.

1902918_800421286638468_273735975_n Nora is so loving her new family.

1622165_800399376640659_1202432636_n Kyle, a SPARC volunteer, fell in love with Tigger and adopted her!

1509105_799927010021229_250705346_n Capone happy at last.

1901787_799919436688653_786617529_n Rocky enjoying the sunshine at home.

1500876_799236730090257_1545213899_o Reggie’s in heaven in his new home.

1656250_799186850095245_145581266_n Zebulon’s new mom.

1920615_799165910097339_84680057_n Jazzy & Cora going home together.

1507743_798941793453084_54097321_n Junebug at top of sofa with new sibling.

1604374_798638693483394_1919149372_n Vinny’s going to new home.

1779671_798592680154662_812906118_n Zeke going home.

12121_798572653489998_781020177_n Reggie being loved on by new family.

1622092_798559500157980_1183307909_n Shadow’s new family.

1795599_798461693501094_40846093_n Pepper found love.

1486544_797983386882258_44811186_n Dawson’s going home.

1780910_797970970216833_1092880873_n The bonded pair have been…

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