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I am sure I have already mentioned Charlie Bray and the Indietribe


We seem to have a huge overlap of featured books, so I want to point you that way to browse for other great books, some of which I have not yet even discovered myself.

There now is a Brand New Chat Lounge where you can meet other indie authors and readers and exchange views

Features on Indie books can be found in the
Indie Book Showcase

There you’ll find quite a few of the books that I have already featured on my blog

Bridge Ices Before Road by Sienna Rose
Book Cover on Amazon
The Warrior by Ty Patterson
The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap by Paulette Mahurin
Front cover jpeg
Culloo by Murielle Cyr
Culloo cover
Sideshow at Honey Creek By Steven D. Malone
hc front 3
Delusions of Grandeur by Jason Najum

Goldmembers have their books reviewed and featured, for example:
Indie Book Reviews

The Awakening by Angella Graff

And then you can browse in the
Indie Book Store

In the store are again a few books previously featured on my blog

Trails In The Sand by Patricia Zick
Chinese Laundries by John Jung
How Was I Supposed To Know? by Lorna Lee
Book Cover
Future attractions to come from here:

Jazz Baby by Beem Weeks
Open House by Charlie Bray

And my own little book

The Luck of The Weissensteiners

Click here for the Newest Showcase

Click here for the Weekly Top 10 Indie Books at Indietribe

Here are some highlights from my Books Recommendations List


022812 MR Cell Phones Cover

9780985682200 Until the Robin Walks on Snow COVER 1000x1600

Book Front Cover

New CS Noir Kindle front

Book Cover Forest


Macabre Moments - 1

book cover3

Mr Alhourani Cover