AFRICAN AUGUST – Uganda, Dog shelters and THE ART OF WAAR

I was asked to clarify the situation about my latest work-in-progress, so here is the blurb, followed by explanations about the project and the release:

African August

When Timothy, a budding author, puts his lucrative banking career on hold for the chance to go on the adventure of a lifetime in Africa, he gets far more than even he had bargained for. He teams up with a host of intriguing characters, from gay air stewards to beautiful, adventure-seeking women on his journey to self-fulfillment and self-discovery.

Risking his life negotiating white-water rapids and encountering some unanticipated jungle dangers, Timothy has his eyes opened to harsh realities, worlds away from the cossetted life he’d been living back in London. Soon, he and his companions find themselves caught up in deadly civil unrest. 

This is a tale of love, loss and growing up on a continent where the political situation is even more volatile than the weather, and where adventure and tragedy are only a heartbeat away. The wind can change very quickly in an African August…

The novel is an adventure story, a part thriller, part drop-out fantasy and is also very close to my heart. I wrote it in 2011 while still working for an airline, using a lot of my travel experiences in Africa.

The book is a step into yet another genre and I had not planned on releasing it for that reason. It’s hard enough to keep a foot in two and a half ‘markets’ as it is.
But then I was approached by the wonderful Wanda Hartzenberg about an e-book charity box set in aid of the Santa Paula No Kill Animal Rescue Center in California

You all know how much I love dogs and the box set will include work by the amazing Nathan Squiers, DeAnn Townes, Gillian Joy , Aaron Paul Lazar, Uvi Poznansky, Ted Krever, Duncan McGonall and Robert Warr.
Some of these writers I’ve already worked with and I feel honoured to be included and to be able to contribute to this worthy cause. The project requires a lot of coordination, so we’re still waiting for a release date.

Since the box set isn’t scheduled to be released as paperback at all, I will now release the paperback version separately and launch it at the Llandeilo Lit Fest.

Saturday 29th of April at 3pm at the Fountain Fine Art Gallery
Eventbrite - Launch and Reading from “African August” by Christoph Fischer   Admission is Free – Book launch and reading from “African August” by Llandeilo resident author Christoph Fischer

All proceeds of the paperback will go to M-Lisada Org Kampala, a charity supporting former street children in Kampala, Uganda.


Uganda is located in northeast Africa and was once called the Pearl of Africa. It is known for its lakes and mountainous landscapes, tea plantations, healthy populations of most wild beasts, as well as a large group of endangered silverback mountain gorillas. 

But Kampala, the largest city in Uganda, presents another picture. Wars, AIDS, terrorists, a high birth rate, corrupt government, and unplanned urbanization have all contributed to the collapse of the country’s covenant with its children.

Out of a total population of 40 million people in Uganda, more than 7 million are orphans and vulnerable children. Many of these abandoned, homeless, sick, war-ravaged, addicted, hungry, terrified children come from their villages to Kampala, hoping to find work or relief from the deplorable conditions they’ve left behind. But soon the harsh realities become clear, as very young children, left to their resources, have to forage for food and keep themselves safe from drugs, disease, and predators. 

M-Lisada’s mission is to reduce the number of children living on the streets in Uganda, by providing them with a home, an education, and protection.

M-Lisada strives to restore dignity and self-confidence through the teaching of life skills, music, and the arts, thereby improving the lives of vulnerable children, and their chances for the future. 

On my travels around the globe I was never quite as deeply touched as I was when visiting an orphanage in Uganda. 

#LlandeiloLitFest featured in the CRA Newsletter and on Literature Wales website

The Crime Writer’s Association has honoured the Llandeilo Lit Fest with a feature in its newsletters, and you can also find information about the festival at the Literature Wales website
Meanwhile, the programme booklets have become available and bookings are taking off. Remember some of our venues are small, so book early to avoid disappointment.

Tickets are available now via the website and

CRA Newsletter
March 2017
Hwyl Llandeilo LitFest – 27-30 April

The Hwyl Llandeilo LitFest boasts a terrific programme, set in different venues in Llandeilo, a lovely setting in rural Carmarthenshire.

CWA members include Sherlockian expert David Stuart Davies, with his ‘The Game’s Afoot,’ Rob Gittins and also Sally Spedding on the Welsh Noir panel. Other authors include Jasper Fforde, Niall Griffiths and many, many more, amongst historians, poets, performers, together with events and competitions for children. Not to be missed!

Llandeilo Lit Fest 2017

The festival is a four day programme of literary events running from 27-30 April. During the festival readings, discussions, workshops and literary talks will take place across Llandeilo: The Angel Inn, the Horeb Chapel of the Cawdor Hotel, Eve’s Toy Shop, the Fountain Fine Art Gallery, Igam Ogam and the Civic Hall.

A book / treasure hunt through town will take place on Saturday. There are children’s drawing and writing competitions and a two day book fair in the Civic Hall, Sat and Sun, 11am-4pm.

Tickets are available now via the website and

Find their Facebook page here: and their website here:


Confirmed artists:

Jasper Fforde, Fflur Dafydd , Aneirin Karadog, DT Davies, Jo Mazelis, Lisa Fearn, Phil Carradice, David Ebsworth, David Stuart Davies, Kate Glanville, Sion Tomos Owen, Jen Jones, Jodi Taylor, Alun Gibbard, Alun Wyn Bevan, Neill Griffiths, Karla Brading, Christoph Fischer, Philippa Davis, Wendy White, Dr D Huw Owen, Dafydd Wyn, Pete Akinwunmi, Graham Watkins, Dominic Williams, Will MacMillan Jones, Anthony Jones, Eloise Williams, Phil Cope, Julian Dutton, Marc Mordey, Mel Perry, Fiddlebox, Tim ap Hywel, Sally Spedding, Judith Barrow, Thorne Moore, Cheryl Reese-Price, Sarah Reynolds, Alys Einion, Jean Gill, JA Corrigna, David Evans, Kate Murray, Angela Fish.

Poetry Reading with Dominic Williams and Anthony Jones

Llandeilo Litfest

Saturday April 29th at 11am at the Fountain Fine Art Gallery
Poetry Reading with Dominic Williams and Anthony Jonesbrand.jpg

Eventbrite - Poetry Reading with Dominic Williams and Anthony Jones  Admission is Free Mynediad am Ddim

Poet, performer and publisher Dominic Williams reads from “And Why We Are All Going”
and Anthony Jones  from “Episodes and Fragments”

Y beirdd a’r perfforwyr Dominic Williams a Anthony Jones yn darllen eu gwaith.

‘write4word’ is a community interest company based in west Wales and operating in the region and internationally to ensure the language arts are intrinsic to all aspects of society. Its co-directors are poets Anthony Jones and Dominic Williams, at this poetry reading event their words will take you on river journeys that link Wales, Ireland, Sweden and Iceland.

Dominic Williams is a writer and poet based in Carmarthenshire. For nearly twenty years his home has been the small fishing village of Ferryside on the Tywi estuary from where he runs his…

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Ash: A modern folk tale.


As a few of you may recall, I’ve a gig at the Llandeilo Literary Festival on 29 April. So yes, I am preparing some new material that might be suitable, and here as a taster is something that I might perform as part of the set. Or maybe not, if the mood takes me, we artists are capricious people, are we not?

Anyway, here it is.

There was a widow with two pretty and sweet tempered daughters in their late teens (we will skip over the obvious logical impossibility) who remarried. Her new husband was a duke, also a widower, who was in possession of a large fortune and a daughter in her early teenage years who was called Ash. Actually she possessed a long and rather beautiful and exotic African Tribal name, granted to her at birth by her father who at the time was off his face on…

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Mystery Mondays Review: “Murder at the Star” by Steve Adams

I’ve become aware of Steve Adams while scouting talent for the Llandeilo LitFest in April. Although it didn’t work out for Steve to be part of this year’s festival, I have to share my thoughts on his amazing book.

If you’re a fan of “The Suspicions of Mr Whicher” (like I am) then you will no doubt love this one. In the tradition of a post-morten examination of a clsoed case it examines an intriguing, yet unsolved murder case in Carmarthenshire, in the 1920s. For us in Llandeilo this is particularly interesting as we’re not far from the scene of the crime. The local flavour works for residents, but also for those who know Carmarthenshire.
The author’s background as journalist comes in handy, making for a very smooth and compelling reading of the case and court details. Giving enough detail and facts but knowing where to summarise to not lose the reader.

Before I continue, here is the blurb:
“The murder of God-fearing, bible-quoting, partially deaf Thomas Thomas at the branch of Star Stores he managed in Garnant, South Wales has remained an unsolved mystery since it happened in 1921. His body was found on the morning of Sunday February 13th, his head smashed, his throat cut and with a stab wound to the stomach, any of which could have killed him. Over £126 was missing from the store safe, yet there were oddities about the attack which suggested this was more than a robbery that went tragically wrong: Thomas had been gagged with cheese, and there was no tear in his trousers, shirt and waistcoat above the stab wound. What circumstances could explain these things? Garnant was in shock, and Scotland Yard arrived in the form of DI George Nicholls. A number of suspects were identified but none seemed to have the telling combination of motive and opportunity. Despite the expertise of Nicholls the case was eventually abandoned and the killer’s secret died with him. Until now. In classic cold case fashion journalist Steve Adams’s extensive researches have finally identified the killer, who is revealed at the end of the book, after a thorough reconstruction of the murder and the subsequent investigation. This is the story of a terrible crime in an almost archetypal Welsh mining town. It was a crime symbolic of a turning point in early twentieth century Wales, as the coal industry declined and its recently assembled townships came to terms with their uncertain futures and sought new identities”

As is often the case with criminal investigations, some important information can only be obtained or comes out after the trial, which is the big selling point of this book to me.
Despite this being non-fiction, there is a marvellous sense of suspense and mystery permeating the book. Even though we follow the court proceedings with the eyes of someone with a distance, there is an intimacy with the case that is very skillfully done. Accurate research and thought-through presentation thereof guide the reader through the complex case and its many flaws and uneven parts. You can often see things clearer in hindsight, and that is what the book benefits from.

Unlike many other books in the sub-genre, this one feeds only relevant information, not overloading us with showy details of research that intends to reassure us that all is as written. With Steve Adams, you never doubt that. This is a great writer with a top story that also manages to give an authentic feel of time and place, making it an important piece of history and heritage writing also. Highly recommended.

Get the book at Seren Image result for steve adams journalist



Welsh Legends and Myths for Children – Reading by Graham Watkins

Llandeilo Litfest

Saturday April 29
thwelsh-l-and-m-front-cover-draft-2at 12:30 (noon)
at Eve’s Toy Shop

Eventbrite - Welsh Legends and Myths for Children – Reading by Graham Watkins Admission is Free
Welsh Myths and Legends

Graham Watkins will share Welsh legends and myths aimed at a young audience. His talk will tie in with an illustration competition in cooperation with the local schools and the Welsh Tourist Board’s Year of the Welsh Legend. The winners of the competition will be announced at the event.

Graham Watkins Author

Walking Books

Author Website


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Reading from “African August” by Christoph Fischer

Llandeilo Litfest

Saturday 29th of Aprilv13
at 3pm
at the Fountain Fine Art Gallery

Eventbrite - Launch and Reading from “African August” by Christoph Fischer  Admission is Free  Book Launch

Book launch and reading from “African August” by Llandeilo resident author Christoph Fischer

African August” is based on Christoph Fischer’s contact with the African Continent as flight attendant and is a cross between a travel adventure, thriller and thoughtful reflection on the limits of outsider intervention.

A thirty something lawyer from the UK, Timothy decides to drop out of the the rat race and do some good on the African continent instead. His motivation is governed by the notion of making his pounds stretch in a relatively cheap environment and to finally experience the real world. Soon he finds that this may not as easy as his naive dreams have led him to believe.

In the US the book will be part of a charity, multi-author e-book box set in…

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Historical Saturday Review: “The White Camellia” by Juliet Greenwood

31282913This is a beautifully written story set in Cornwall and Wales in the early 1900s, involving family secrets, love and suffragettes.
Merely 100 years on, it is poignant to read how far we have come, witnessing the prejudice and outright stupid arguments against the women’s vote.
Greenwood has chosen great characters for her story: a fallen family which is somewhat torn apart; Sybil, who just took over their old house and who has an interesting background, too, and the people who meet at the White Camellia.
The prose is full of wonderful descriptive details, the pace perfect and the setting authentic. Moving, and with an ending worth waiting for, this has held my attention throughout.
Very accomplished.

The great Tressillion family is ruined. As Bea is forced to leave Tressillion House, self-made businesswoman Sybil moves in. In a world where the old rules are starting to break down, this one choice will change both their lives forever…
Sybil buys the abandoned great house even though she is tempted to tear it down. The village sees only a rich American hotel-owner. Nobody recognises the young girl who left years ago with nothing but a desperate need for revenge. Buying the house is her triumph — but now what? As the house casts its spell over her, as she starts to make friends in the village despite herself, will she be able to build a new life here, or will her old ghosts and hatred always rule her heart?

Bea finds herself in London, responsible for her mother and sister’s security. Her only hope is to marry Jonathon, the new heir. He seems kind, but is he hiding something? Desperate for options, she stumbles into the White Camellia tearoom, a gathering place for the growing suffrage movement. For Bea it’s life-changing, introducing her to new friends, new ideas, maybe love, maybe even a chance to work and support herself. But it’s dangerous, risking arrest or worse. Can she follow her dreams without bringing yet more scandal on her family?

When those very dangers send the White Camellia friends back to Cornwall, Bea and Sybil must finally confront each other. Will long buried family secrets on both sides now destroy them both?

Juliet Greenwood

Buy the book on Amazon Uk and US 



Juliet Greenwood is published by Honno Press. Her books are set in Cornwall, London and Wales in Victorian and Edwardian times, and follow the lives of strong, independently-minded women struggling to find freedom and self-fulfillment. Her novels have reached #4 and #5 in the UK Amazon Kindle store, while ‘Eden’s Garden’ was a finalist for ‘The People’s Book Prize’ and ‘We That are Left’ was completed with a Literature Wales Writers’ Bursary.

Juliet’s great grandmother worked as a nail maker in Lye, near Birmingham, at the heart of the Industrial Revolution, hammering nails while rocking the cradle with her foot. Juliet’s grandmother worked her way up to become a cook in a big country house. Their stories have left Juliet with a passion for history, and in particular for the experiences of women, so often overlooked or forgotten. Juliet lives in a traditional cottage in Snowdonia, in the UK, and loves gardening and walking.