via #Bookreview – Deborah A. Bowman and Christoph Fischer

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This book was a wonderful insight into the world of alternative healing and the conflict between holistic medicine and Western medicine.  Maria Miller, aka Erika Whittaker, seeks out a previously famous healer, Arpan, after being diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Maria has already undergone chemotherapy, which has failed her, and, with a remaining life expectancy of only a few weeks, she has nothing to lose by investing her faith in Arpan. Arpan retired from healing twenty years previously and has been leading a life of austere solitude ever since. When he meets Maria, however, she is able to convince him to help her and he agrees to treat her.

Over the course of her treatment, Maria learns to face the internal fears and  emotional shortcomings that Arpan believes have lead to her cancer. The descriptions of the various treatments is very detailed and convincing and I really grew to like Arpan for his goodness and forgiving nature. I became very fond of Maria too as you view the intense healing process through her eyes and almost suffer with her.

As the book progresses, the reason why Maria changed her name prior to seeking Arpan help unfolds, together with Arpan’s reasons for retiring and dropping out of the public eye so many years previously.

I found The Healer to be a fast paced and well written book with a number of twists and surprises. The ending really surprised me.

I rated this book five out of five stars.