79985588_10214393024052143_1232300905487925248_n.jpgMany of you know the authors of Do No Harm medical thriller set raised money for Operation Renewed Hope (for American Veterans) and Anicara Pet Care to support Senior Pets. We were told by the publisher, the now defunct Genius Media, that each charity would receive $1,800. Then Wid Bastian, owner of Genius Medial told us there were NO royalties for authors or money for the charities. In short, the 17 authors and named of DO NO HARM were #SCAMMED and #CHEATED along with our 501c3 charities. While we are pursuing criminal and legal action, I feel badly for the charities who have counted on those monies. I have enclosed the link to contribute to Anicara https://crm.bloomerang.co/HostedDonation?ApiKey=pub_9eadd07a-39d0-11e9-9f3d-0aa640fb8062&WidgetId=1615872

and Operation Renewed Hope https://operationrenewedhopefoundation.org/how-you-can-help/make-a-donation/

Please, if you can, help us raise these amounts as the charities has counted on these dollars. You can use your credit card. Every little bit will help these organizations. Many thanks and Happy Holidays!