Dan Alatorre

I recently became a USA Today bestselling, something I’m very proud of. But in the process, Wid Bastian, an alleged marketer, stole more than $20,000from me and other authors I worked with.

That’s not okay.

(I have no concerns about what follows because the truth is the best defense. Here goes.)

The idea was…

cross market between 17 authors, our fan bases, our newsletter subscribers (some of these authors have 30,000 subscribers!), buy ads, AND – this is big – get a few big charities to work with us: we’d give 100% of the preorder money to the charities if they advertised our book to their donor list (that’s tens of thousands of people, gang).

So… we did.

The charities, contacted by authors in the group, advertised our books to their donor list.

The authors cross marketed.

We networked.

We tweeted and posted and a bunch of other stuff…

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