New book out by one of my favourite writers – whether it’s her romances like this series or more journalistic fare or literary fiction, that woman can write.

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Delighted to welcome bestselling author P.C. Zickto the Cafe and Bookstore and her featured book today was released on September 17th – Love on Track (Rivals in Love Book Three)

About the Series

Love on Track is the third novel in the Rivals in Love sweet contemporary romance series. Rivals in Love showcases the Crandall family siblings who are all in successful careers. But they forgot one thing while becoming rising stars. They forgot all about love. Their father a U.S. Senator aspires for high office, but their mother, the heir to a fortune, only wants her children married and with children.

Book one in the Rivals in Love Series is on offer at 99c/99p until September 23rd.

About the book

Childhood history between a race car driver and an event coordinator collide at the Indy 500. He can’t be distracted by romance. And she can’t trust love will…

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