Crime and PUNKishment: Stories and Exclusive Interviews with Rodney Bingenheimer, Jack Grisham, Palmolive of the Slits, Linda Ramone and Captain Sensible by [Brenda Perlin, Perry Anderson, Mark Barry, Brenda Bentley, Rodney Bingenheimer, K.S Brooks, Joe Bruno, Raymond Ian Burns, Lance Cryan, Gia DeSantis, Tom DeSavia, Fur Dixon, John Dolan, Christoph Fischer, Nesha Gold, Janet Salopek Green, Jack Grisham, Carla Mullin-Haughan, Jeff, Jim Kavanagh, Paloma McLardy, Marina Muhlfriedel, Devorah Ostrov, Missi Peper, Linda Ramone, Frank Reed, Genny Schorr, Robert (Fysh) Silverman, Hilde Swendgaard, Wiggy Walker]Punk rock isn’t the usual topic I write about, but I wrote a chapter in this book, “Crime and PUNKishment” for my good friend Brenda Perlin.
My chapter is short, about the rebellious part of my youth – a rebel without a cause – and how the punk rock movement briefly inspired my being.
A great many writers contributed memoirs and musings about those days.
Read all about it in Brendin Perlin’s “Crime and PUNKishment!”
My favorite review on Amazon:
5.0 out of 5 stars – Music To Commit Crimes To
“Life is crazy. We live. We die. And in-between, if we are lucky, we find something that allows us to lose ourselves in a moment of bliss.”
Acid, graffiti, booze, riots, mohawks, Ouija boards, stealing vinyl, smelling bad, and generally being disapproved of: ah, those lost days of punk youth! Brenda Perlin serves up some more badass reminiscences of the era of cheap guitars and folks behaving badly. ‘Crime and PUNKishment’ features archive photographs of the period and an interview with Captain Sensible (of whom I have fond memories of a particularly raucous Damned concert in Leicester, where he invited the audience to see if they could gob in his mouth while he strutted along the front of the stage). Plus: Linda Ramone and others!
Take a nostalgic, sense-addled stroll down nighttime streets thudding with power chords and reeking of dried vomit and freedom.
Never Mind the Bollocks, enjoy!