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Edwin Dasso, MD

Author: Edwin Dasso, MD

Author Genre: medical thrillers

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Author Description: 
Edwin Dasso, MD, an Amazon #1 Best-Selling medical thriller author, writes works of fiction that leverage many of his “stranger than fiction” experiences from years of practice at major medical centers and community hospitals.

“You might be shocked at some of the events in the books that are based on an actual experience.”

His “Jack Bass Black Cloud Chronicles” series has been developed into a TV series, “Jack Bass, MD,” which is actively being discussed around Hollywood. Network feedback has been very positive.

Fiction writing is reviving a lost love from earlier periods in his life where he enjoyed writing short stories.

In addition to a number of years as a practicing anesthesiologist and critical care specialist, he has published articles in national healthcare journals, written many “Ask the Doctor” columns and has spoken frequently at national healthcare forums. He has also been instrumental in designing and deploying population health programs to help people deal with depression related to poor health.

Interview Excerpt

Next: The next installment is called “Death Hub.” Book #7 of the series. Jack Bass, MD, discovers that new medical technology can work wonders…if it doesn’t kill you first.

Social media: Honestly, I just try to interact and be entertaining on social media. I think people appreciate genuine and have engaged well.

Great covers: I usually have a general theme in mind but I like to turn the creativity over to the cover designer – they always outdo my expectations. My designer, Melinda DeRoss, does a great job at getting the covers to represent the theme of the book.

Primary genre: My genre is medical action/thriller. I’ve often seen advice to writers to “write what you know” so that’s what I do. There’s so many storyline directions to go in this genre that I don’t see stepping out of it anytime soon.

Free books: I have a mixed opinion about free book deals. On the one hand, it seems to be what much of the public wants. On the other hand, I don’t know that it’s really all that effective as a marketing approach.

Your series, “Jack Bass, MD,” being actively discussed for a TV series: It is a thrill – albeit an unexpected one. It was a word-of-mouth process. A promoter I was working with liked it and referred it to a scriptwriter who referred it to a producer and they decided to pursue it.

Reviews have become a real challenge for me. Seems like your “routine” readers just aren’t doing them much anymore.

Do No Harm: They are a great bunch of authors! My main goal was to put together a good set of interesting medical thrillers that readers will enjoy. Secondarily, the ability for authors to all cross promote and have the readers of 17 authors as a fan base vs. just one author was very appealing. And, of course, we all agreed to support a couple of very worthy charities, Operation Renewed Hope Foundation and AniCira.

Author’s Book List
Do No Harm
Death Hub
Empty Promises: A Jack Bass, MD Thriller
Do I Know You?: A Jack Bass, MD, Thriller
You’ll be Safe: A Jack Bass, MD, Thriller
Death Management: A Jack Bass, MD, Thriller
Past Aghast: A Jack Bass, MD, Thriller
In the Line of Ire: A Jack Bass, MD, Thriller
Stuffed: A Misty, Mark Medical Thriller

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