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After having enjoyed Hugh’s first book GLIMPSES I had to get the new book “More Glimpses” and I’m glad to report that I really enjoyed it.
It’s another great varied selection of original ideas, thoughtful scenarios, odd characters and some wonderfully weird and scary stories.

This selection seemed to be a little darker than the last one and it included more fantasy and horror leanings with even some ideas on time travel. The title is very apt as we get very short glimpses into all types of lives and scenarios: From 

decisions at the door or in TV shows that can be life altering, to romance on the battlefield; from birth to death – Roberts writes with humour, originality, compassion and heart-felt deeper understanding of human nature.  

There are 32 stories, so difficult to sum up any further. All I can say is they will be worth your time, make you smile, frown and entertain. Roberts is a writer to put on your radar.

Official Blurb:

Do you believe in fairies at the bottom of the garden? Would you dare steal items from a blind person or send your neighbours on a time-travelling trip full of menace and danger to stop the possibility of a bug wiping out humanity? Would you respond to calls for help from behind a door that is not all it seems, or ignore the warnings not to walk on a beautiful, deserted beach?

Two and a half years after the publication of Glimpses, I’m delighted to announce that my second collection of short stories, More Glimpses, is now available on Amazon.

Containing 32 short stories and pieces of flash fiction, many of which have never been published before, More Glimpses takes the reader on a ride full of twists, turns and unexpected endings.

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Story lineup.

  1. The Whistle

Genre: Drama

Set in war-torn France in 1918, a soldier reflects on his life while he waits for the sound of the whistle, a sound that not only may signal the oncoming end of his life but reveal a secret the world can never ever find out.

2. Upside-Down and Inside-Out

Genre: Fantasy

Prudence Pebblebottom doesn’t believe her mother has agoraphobia and ends up giving her a heart attack when forcing her to go outside. As the only beneficiary of her mother’s will, Prudence is in for a nasty surprise when her world is literally turned upside-down.

3. Baby Talk

Genre: Comedy

A conversation a seven-month-old baby overhears its mother having with a shop assistant has it screaming the place down. However, there are worthy reasons for the baby wanting to make a quick escape from the store.

4. The Bag Lady

Genre: Science Fiction

On a time travelling mission to the year 1999, three elderly ladies from the year 1961 find themselves in grave danger when pursued by another time traveller. Can they escape and get back to 1961 with the item the other time traveller so desperately wants to get off them?

5. The Tunnel

Genre: Action/Adventure

Filled with hazards and situations that can kill, a life-changing prize awaits all who enter the tunnel, with whoever gets to the prize first having the greater chance of coming out alive. However, be quick to find it as the prize doesn’t wait around for long.

6. Tiny People

Genre: Horror

All over the world, mobile phones have been catching fire. Max Cumberland thinks he has the answer as to why it’s happening. Convincing the mobile phone manufacturers, however, is going to be hard work.

7. Murder in Evershot

Genre: Murder/Mystery

Set in the sleepy, English village of Evershot, John, Toby, Austin, and Hugh find themselves in grave danger when several murders take place. Can they find a well-known detective, who lives in the village, and ask for her help in solving the murders before the murderer finds them?

8. Floral Hall

Genre: Paranormal

Boarded up and unused for many years, Floral Hall was once a place full of music, love, and laughter. Tim, a young boy out for a walk with his mother and grandmother, thinks he can hear music and laughter coming from the old building. Is Floral Hall about to reveal its secrets?

9. The Right Choice

Genre: Science Fiction

With the choice of facing the killer bees or the old ruins for a one-million-pounds prize, two gameshow contestants have only twenty seconds to make the right choice. Will they make the right one?

10. Knock, Knock

Genre: Horror

A prankster plays ‘knock, knock’ on the front door of a house. Inside, a ‘home-alone’ young girl, Angela, and her younger sister are terrified when the prankster threatens to kill them. When Angela finally gets the courage to open the door, she discovers it’s not only whoever was knocking at the door that has disappeared.

11. Fast Forward

Genre: Science Fiction

Fascinated by the hidden feature on his new smartwatch, Brad gets the chance to time travel. As he travels forward, he doesn’t like all that he witnesses and decides that it is time to travel back to the present. However, he’s forgotten one vital piece of information. Can he get back safely before it’s too late?

12. The Jump

Genre: Horror

Jane has murder on her mind and gives her husband, who suffers from vertigo, a parachute jump for his 50th birthday. Jumping out of the plane first, she gets a shock when landing on her island paradise where she thinks her lover is waiting for her. What awaits Jane is a nightmare beyond imagination.

13. Big Brother

Genre: Science Fiction

Have you ever wondered why files and photographs suddenly go missing from your computer, tablet or phone? Big Brother has the answer.

14. Tap

Genre: Horror

At a car boot sale, two teenagers do the unthinkable and steal items off the stall belonging to a blind man. What follows will not only change their lives but will haunt them forever.

15. Harvest Festival

Genre: Science Fiction

Harvest festival – a time of celebration and thanks for what has been provided to get us all through the upcoming long, hard winter. It should never be the time of nightmares, should it?

16. The Hole

Genre: Horror

Why do the same two dogs visit the garden of Elizabeth Jones every day and sniff at the same area? Wanting to know the answer, Elizabeth digs a hole at the spot where the dogs sniff. Will she find anything?

17. Easter Bunny Cake

Genre: Horror

For centuries, the Easter Bunny has been trying to find a way to punish naughty humans. Is simply not leaving them a chocolate egg the only answer?

18. Double Eighteen

Genre: Rom-Com

Quentin has a brand-new girlfriend, Maureen, and he’s determined to win them a romantic weekend for two in Paris, at the local pub’s darts competition. On the evening of the match, something terrible happens, giving many of the regulars a shock.

19. The Man In The Television

Genre: Horror

Unaware of what is in the room with them, a family watching a popular Saturday evening television show have no idea what is really happening in front of them. Have you seen the man in the television?

20. Dream Catcher

Genre: Horror

How often are we told to follow our dreams? And what happens if we actually catch one? Does it give our dream a better chance of coming true? One man, who actually caught a dream, reveals all.

21. One-Hundred

Genre: Science-Fiction

If something wanted to kill off most of humanity, what would be the most unlikely weapon it could use? And are you one of the humans it wants to kill?

22. When The Tide Turns

Genre: Horror

On a day out, three young men discover a beautiful, deserted beach. However, despite a warning from an old man not to venture onto the sand, they take no notice, resulting in horrifying consequences for all of them.

23. Honeymoon

Genre: Rom-Com

Having just got married, it’s the night of the honeymoon for Sylvia and Marty. Marty is eager to get things started, but Sylvia has something else on her mind.

24. The Truth About Waiting Rooms

Genre: Horror

Like or loath them, waiting rooms are everywhere, and we all find ourselves in them at some stages of our lives. Next time you find yourself in one, take a closer look at what’s around you. You may be surprised at what you’ll find.

25. The Chair

Genre: Horror

Agatha Burnell’s favourite lumpy chair has been her saviour. But what secrets does it hold?

26. Royal Shopping

Genre: Comedy

A light-hearted look at what happens when the Queen goes shopping, finds a bargain, and doesn’t seem to have the right change in her purse. Will anyone come to her aid?

27. Revenge

Genre: Comedy

There you are, not looking your best, and your ex-partner walks past with their new partner. How would you feel? Would you have revenge on your mind, or would you just laugh about it?

28. The Door

Genre: Paranormal

If somebody was calling for help from the other side of an old, scruffy looking door, would you go to their aid, or would you simply walk away?

29. The Wedding Bouquet

Genre: Drama

As a bride gets ready to throw her wedding bouquet to the eagerly waiting hands of her wedding guests, she asks the photographer to film the event. Will true love find the person who catches her wedding bouquet?

30. Fairies At The Bottom Of The Garden

Genre: Fantasy

Do fairies really exist? Roger Young, a cheating, lying, husband and father, is in for a colourful shock when he visits the greenhouse at the bottom of his garden.

31. Walking Into The Future

Genre: Drama

John Anderson has a dream of being able to walk into the future and finding out what awaits him. After completing the short journey, it’s the journey back to his present that exposes a shocking truth.

32. Where To Now?

Genre: Science-Fiction

On the dying planet of Orion, the frightening events of what happened to all its inhabitants are revealed. Can what happened be stopped, before it spreads to other worlds?


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