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Dan Alatorre

What Amazon says

Bestselling author and humorist Dan Alatorre has done it again!

In this hilarious and heartwarming short story, two parents encourage their little girl to grow up, and immediately wonder about the repercussions of their decision. They juggle potty training, theme park visits – and the thought of life without her one day.

You will see yourself in this story 100 times over. Be prepared to laugh – and cry – sometimes on the same page!

The Short Years is a series of beautiful vignettes folded into a weekend trip and a look into the future. (Contains selected passages from the book The Long Cutie)

“I never thought a story involving potty training could be so funny” – Wain T, Tampa FL

My review

This short book, which revolves largely around how the author and his wife potty trained their daughter, is hilarious. Savvy is the author’s firstborn…

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