220px-TheLastDragonslayerJasper Fforde will be talking with fantasy newcomer Jonathan Crayford at the Lit Fest in Llandeilo. Time for me to complete my knowledge of Jasper’s works.

“The Last Dragon Slayer” is a fun blend of modern society and fantasy. You find Volkswagens and TV shows as well as modern wizard-equipment and the land of dragons.
Jennifer Strange, the dragon slayer from the title, is sent to kill any dragon to be found guilty to have violated the Dragon pact, an agreement between the humans and the dragons to live in their respective separate quarters of the world.

The Duchy of Brecon, the Kingdom of Hereford etc, all a mere stone throw from the land of dragons.

Quirly, absurd and full of references to modern life or parody, the book has plenty of humour and fabulous imagination. Living in the times of Brexit much about the Ununited Kingdom rings truer than maybe intended.

I loved the characters and their weird names, such as Jennifer Strange, and most of all, the accomplished blend of realism with fantasy fare. Inspired world creation with a good dose of irony and sarcasm and a surprising plot keep you interested throughout.

If you find yourself in Llandeilo in two week’s time, do drop in

Date And Time Sat, April 27, 2019 7:00 PM

Horeb Chapel, Cawdor Hotel, Llandeilo


JONATHAN CRAYFORD AND JASPER FFORDE: Back to the Future, a new novelist meets an old hand in the futuristic genre Jonathan has had great success with his debut novel, The Legacy of the Sky Pendant. He will be in conversation with the renowned absurdist fiction author, Jasper Fforde. Sgwrs rhwng hen law yn y byd ysgrifenn


Jasper Fforde And Jonathan Crayford: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/jasper-fforde-and-jonathan-crayford-tickets-57331205178

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