A picture of 'Wales: The First and Final Colony' by Adam Price

Ever since I saw Plaid Cymru politician / leader Adam Price in a discussion at the Llandeilo LitFest last year I have come to know him as an sharp and fast thinker. And while he’s not part of the festival this year, we have a session about Wales as a colony with a different writer.

When I saw that Adam had this book out, provocatively titled and much echoed in sentiment this side of the Severn Bridge, I had to get a signed copy and read it.

First of all I must clarify that the book is not a signle essay on the topic but it is a selection of political speeches and essays, one of which bears the title name.
The topics range far wider and are not limited to Wales as a colony.

In fact, this is more a political manifesto and sways between rational insight and open, progressive ideas of a man wanting the objectively right for his beloved country on the one hand, and between a political and nationalist agenda that uses inflaming political jargon to discredit his oppo

nents on the other.

It is thanks to the first part that makes the book such a surprisingly compelling read. Whenever I want to dismiss the agenda driven parts and statements, they were backed up with solid argumentation and reasoon.

There are ‘best speeches’ , like one seeking to prosecute former Labour prime Minister Tony Blair as war criminal, which demonstrate that Price is a politician who said what many only thought, but those do not fit into the expectation of reading about the way forward out of the state of colonisation.

Luckily, quite a lot of the book then does outline his ideas for a way out, and for policies to bring Wales forward; from a cyber currency, railway lines connecting South and North, and another referendum, the book does not lack in policies and thoughts.


This is certainly an interesting read with plenty of food for thought seeking controversy, and one that I would recommend for those interest in the future of Wales, albeit with said caveats.

Get the book https://www.ylolfa.com/products/9781784615925/wales-the-first-and-final-colony

Adam Price on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adam_Price

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WALES: ENGLAND’S COLONY THE CONQUEST, ASSIMILATION AND REBIRTH OF WALES Martin Johnes is Professor of Modern History at Swansea University and explores the relationship that has been central to making and defining Wales as a nation.

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