Today I’m reviewing another book featured in the forthcoming Llandeilo Lit Fest.

Five corpses are dug up by a peat-cutter in Islay. All of them have been shot in the back of the head, execution style.

Inspector Angus Blue and his team slowly piece together the little evidence they have, and discover the men were killed on a wartime base, over 70 years ago.

But there is a secret to be protected, even if it means killing again.

Allan Martin will be talking about his book in the Lit Fest session with Sally Spedding.

Hankering After History:

The novel unfolds slowly as we follow what appears to be a harmless historic find of dead bodies. Characters in the investigative team become familiar to us readers while we are in an early and almost unsuspicious stage of the investigation. The interplay of the present day detectives and their chemistry with each other were my favourite part and I hope this may turn into a series.

When the find of the dead bodies arouses unexpected interest and some suspicious events hint at something bigger being hidden the tension heats up dramatically and this turns into a gripping thriller.

Interspersed with the present day investigation is a separate narrative strand from the perspective of what we assume is one of the five victims. I found this very intriguing.

Well written and with a great dramatic curve this novel flows nicely and never drops your attention. In my copy of the book were no historical notes to explain how much of the plot were fiction or fact, so I assume this is more of a crime fiction with a historical twist rather than serious WWII theory.

This will please crime fiction readers more than historians but there is something winning in the formula of solving crimes from the past. Very enjoyable.

Allan Martin will be talking about his book in the Lit Fest session

Hankering After History: