5.0 out of 5 stars           *****

Bebe Bollinger is a terrific creation.

I just finished reading this in time for Eurovision this evening, and it’s certainly put me in the mood for it. Bebe Bollinger is a terrific creation…an adventuress, survivor, party diva and often-misled crime solver. Who could not identify with a lady of a certain age going at life – and Eurovision – with a verve and opportunism of someone half her age? And all fuelled by litres of the fizzy stuff… Divine, darlings, and cheers!

5.0 out of 5 stars        *****

A very enjoyable read

Singer BeBe Bollinger is back to work, professionally and in her new found talent—as amateur detective. And I’m delighted to see her back as I read through the pages of this entertaining story. The story begins with a singing contest and murder, with a billion people watching. It then moves to six weeks earlier with BeBe coming off a job from a cruise ship and having just bought an expensive sports car. We are introduced to the well-cast characters: Beth the not-so talented detective from an earlier crime that BeBe helped solve, Fred BeBe’s agent and lesbian Beth’s ex-lover, the daughter with few boundaries, Helena, and Tom a Danish friend from the cruise ship.
As the beginning scenes unfold, BeBe’s attention goes to Eurovision contest and the upcoming competition. When a mysterious “accident” occurs BeBe catches wind from Tom that it might be more devious than just an accidental mishap. When he convinces her to enter, she decides it would be a good opportunity to gain some attention with the press coverage already focusing on the event and to put her detective skills to use. It would be a good way to heighten her comeback. I love the set-up and want to know how the story will unfold, a sign of a well-crafted mystery novel. No spoilers here but suffice it to say that it’s well worth the read to follow the delightfully written twists and turns as BeBe does it again! It’s rare I leave a read smiling but that’s exactly what this character does to me. Grab a copy and enjoy.