Sometimes a short article can say more about an author and their work than a page of great reviews and marketing slogans.
Geoff Le Pard is a gifted author (I featured him on my blog a few times), a fascinating and remarkable man (great cook, obscure beard colourer) and this is a lovely post he wrote about his departed mother who’s featured in his new book.

M J Mallon YA Author and Poet

I’m thrilled to welcome Geoff Le Pard to my blog home today. Anyone who writes about family gets my undivided attention. There’s nothing like family!

His new book Apprenticed To My Mother was released on Tuesday 12th June.

He’s written a lovely moving anecdote about his dear departed mother, Barbara’s funeral and her brother Ted especially for this Author Spotlight.

Read on:

When I came to write my memoir of the period between my father’s death and my mother’s, I started by focusing on the two funerals. My father’s was the first where I played any significant role, and mostly I wanted to make sure whatever happened, it met Mum’s approval. With Mum’s, since my brother and I were now orphaned I felt freer to let it reflect how I imagined it could be the best recognition and, in my judgement, celebration of a life well lived. My brother was…

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