My friend Hugh invited me to his latest blog post, taking us back to 1988 with his diary excerpts and myself taking him another 8 years back to 1980 and one of my all time favourite songs… and a small book plug while I’m there

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London – July 1st, 1988

Over my four day break, I also heard that Jamie, who I had a brief fling with two months ago until I discovered he already had a boyfriend, had spilt from his boyfriend again. I didn’t really take much notice of the news, but on my return to work today, it was all confirmed that he was now a single man again. That thought stayed with me all day, and despite me trying to brush it away, it stuck with me.

As soon as I got home this evening, I phoned Jamie. He seems very well despite the break-up. However, by the time we’d finished talking, I was convinced that it wouldn’t be long before they’d both be back together again. I think I had…

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