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Over My Dead Body: Murder at Eurovision (Bebe Bollinger Murder Mysteries 2) is now available on pre-sale – to be whisperlessly delivered to your kindle on April 30th.

The paperback copies can already be purchased from https://www.amazon.com/dp/1717148565

If you want an ARC (Advance Review Copy) I can send you the mobi file.

In a few weeks from now Eurovision will take place in Lisbon, so when better to release this book?

Here are the blurb and an excerpt:

On her return from a cruise ship gig Bebe Bollinger learns that fellow Welsh singer Bonnie Tyler has decided to enter a European Song comptition for the UK. While Bebe jealously watches the pre-publicity trail for ‘Eurovision’ in Malmö, a string of ‘odd accidents’ endangers several participants of the competition. This stirs her desire for playing detective again but also a curiosity to check out the suitability of Eurovision for her own career.

Follow Bebe’s continued search for fame and a comeback before it’s too late, step into the weird world that is Eurovision fandom and see how Bebe gets on with her naughty daughter and deals with those evil TV presenters.


Praise for The Body in the Snow:

This comical romp of shenanigans and investigation will keep you reading with curiosity and hoping that Bebe still gets her last shot at renewed stardom. A fun read!

This delightful and sometimes comical whodunit will keep you guessing to the very end.

For a first dip in the cozy field, this award-winning historical and crime fiction writer has taken the gold. I highly recommend this book for an intriguing and never boring read!

A very enjoyable book. With a fantastic cast of characters plus humour, murder, romance this is a cracking mystery.

 In Body in the Snow, Mr. Fischer proves his versatility as he leaves his comfort zone to wonderful effect in weaving this story and creating these great characters. It is a book I recommend highly.

Here is an excerpt:

Malmö, Sweden, May 2013

Bebe couldn’t keep up with all that was going on around her on the media balcony. A team of paramedics were busy working on the victim lying only a few metres away. Their actions spoke volumes. Bebe had seen enough of her fans fainting in over-heated concert halls to know that this patient would not be resuscitated any time soon. As if to confirm her fears, the paramedics exchanged a look and shook their heads. A chill ran down her spine. The dart made it clear that this was a premeditated murder, and put all the dubious events and ‘accidents’ that had gone on in the run-up to the contest into a sinister context.
The security guards were quick to respond. They cleared the balcony, ushering the journalists and TV crews to a conference room on the mezzanine level.
“You may continue your coverage for now,” they were told by a suited man with a headset and clipboard. “When the police arrive they’ll decide what happens next. To make sure they can carry out their investigation, we have strict instructions to keep you all here for questioning.”
A TV audience of over one billion people was watching the contest ‒ the British TV viewers waiting for Bebe to chat to them in less than a minute ‒ while a murderer was still on the loose. What were the organisers and the police thinking? Would he strike again, and if so, who would be his next victim? Was the dart maybe meant for Bebe? Was she safe? And what could she do to prevent the murderer from striking again and ruining her moment in the Eurovision sunlight?
Leonard took her softly by the wrist.
“We’re on in ten seconds,” he said, looking into her eyes. “Forget about the guy and focus on the show. Security and the police have this covered, you’re not in danger. Just be professional. Can you do that for me?”
Bebe gulped and nodded. Her thoughts went to the dead presenter and she regretted her earlier irritation with him. The poor man. She took a deep breath, glanced to the stage to remind herself what a big deal the next few minutes were for her career and what she had to do now. This light on the camera turned to red and she was on…