via Wales as a backdrop to fiction 

Wales as a backdrop to fiction 


Saturday 17:00 Angel Inn:  Wales as a backdrop to fiction 

Book Tickets: £5 The Silent Quarry 2018

Panel Discussion with local authors Nigel Williams, Colin R. Parsons, Cheryl Reese-Price. Moderator: Jean Gill.
Cymru fel lleoliad mewn ffuglen- Trafodaeth

Trafodaeth banel gydag awduron lleol Nigel Williams, Colin R Parsons a Cheryl Reese-Price gyda Jean Gill yn y gadair.

Colin R. Parsons was born in the Rhondda Valley in south Wales, and has lived there all my life. He’s been a full-time writer for about fifteen years and writes in many genres: Science Fiction – Fantasy – Supernatural – Steam Punk & Mythical Fantasy.

Ganed Colin Parsons yng nghwm Rhondda yn ne Cymru ac mae wedi byw yno ar hyd ei oes. Mae wedi body n ysgrifennwr llawn amser am tua phymtheg mlynedd ac mae’n ysgrifennu mewn nifer o genres: Ffuglen Wyddonol, Ffantasi, Yr uwch-naturiol a Ffantasi Mytholegol. Enw’I lyfr newydd i blant yn 2018 yw ‘Ghosted’. Gosodir y llyfr yng nghwm Rhondda

His website/ Ei wefan:

Blurb for GHOSTED:

Four Welsh school children: Megan, Carol, John and Alan have unknowingly released the spirit of an evil headmaster – imprisoned in the bowels of the school for two hundred years.

Broliant GHOSTED

Mae pedwar o blant ysgol, Megan, Carol, John ac Alan, yn ddiarwybod iddynt wedi rhyddhau ysbryd prifathro drwg sydd wedi cael ei garcharu ym mherfeddion yr ysgol am ddau gan mlynedd.

Cheryl Rees-Price: 

Frozen Minds:

Bethesda House is a haven for vulnerable adults, those with complex mental disabilities. Their safety is dependent on those who care for them, and their wellbeing centres on routine.

When a body is discovered in the freezer at Bethesda House it is easy to shift the blame on the residents.  Inside the house, they see and hear everything.

Who would believe them?

DI Winter Meadows is convinced that something sinister is going on in Bethesda House and the residents are not safe. First, he must gain their trust and understand their unique form of communication.

A second killing and time is running out.

Can Meadows outwit a cunning and dangerous killer?


‘I really enjoyed this book. I could not put it down. I have been waiting to read the second book in the Meadows series. It did not disappoint. It is one of the best I have read in ages.’ Helen

Trafodaeth ar Gymru mewn Ffuglen: Cheryl Rees-Price

Broliant ‘Frozen Minds’

Mae Tŷ Bethesda yn lloches i oedolion bregus, rhai sydd ag anableddau meddyliol cymhleth. Mae Di Winter Meadows yn argyhoeddedig bod rhywbeth sinister yn cymryd lle yn Nhŷ Bethesda ac nad yw’r trigolion yn ddiogel. Yn gyntaf rhaid iddo ennill eu hymddiried a deal eu ffordd unigryw o gyfathrebu. Gall Meadows fod yn gyfrwysach na llofrudd peryglus a chyfrwys?

 Beth mae pobl yn dweud am ‘Frozen Minds’

‘Cyfres arbennig. Rwy’n dwli ar y gyfres hon! Mae’r ail ran yn anodd ei roi i lawr’ Brianna Bowen.

Nigel Williams:

Set in the Swansea Valley, EDEN RELICS featured a retired police officer drawn into the search for ancient relics discovered a century earlier by the opera diva Adelina Patti. It sold over 3,500 downloads and paperback copiesin the first month.



The screenplay is currently with a production company but whether it will ever see the small screen is another matter. Royalties from this book are donated to the British Heart Foundation.  

FAKE BAKED – a crime comedy about a small-time Cardiff con man dreaming of pulling the ultimate scam. The story was based on the cons of a real hustler called Victor Lustig. Lustig sold the Eifel Tower to Parisian scrap dealers, not once but twice. He somehow managed to convince them the tower was due for demolition at the turn of the last century and got away with it. My protagonist uses the same con by trying to sell the old Severn Bridge.