Red Stiletto Strategy by [Jones, Hunter S.]

I’m a fan of Hunter S Jones and her multi-facetted writing. In this short story she proves exactly that:

First is the story of a great female character, a spy in WW2, stylish, sexy and fabulous.

Then Jones serves us an essay which examines female stereotypes and genre defining ingredients with their definitions and usage.
I found this an eye-opening and very engaging read with great observations on the genre by a historian who can easily and comfortably switch between genres and not lose her readers.

Very worth your time.


Born to an alcoholic, single mother in Texas, Luckie Stratton learns from a young age to keep her distance, avoiding getting close to anyone. She moves to LA as a young film actress, becomes enchanted by a swarthy English gentleman and flies to London in 1940 to join his secret British spy elites. The seductive blonde becomes an undercover assassin. Armed with her charm, a switchblade and a Derringer, this femme fatale never fails her mission. Disguised as an anxious wife waiting for her British ‘husband’ to return from battle proves to be irresistible bait to Nazi covert operatives.

Tonight, she has a date with destiny.