“The Asparagus Thieves” is a cleverly spun tale consisting of two or if you want maybe even three separate story strands. One set from 1914 onwards and the other a hundred years later.

Two sons, one rich, one from working family, serve in World War I. And a beautiful Welsh girl in contemporary Marbella and her childhood friend are sailing close to the wind in a crime driven environment.

What links these stories is the authors wonderfully warm portrayal of humans in their search for happiness and a sense of everything coming together in the end in a clever resolve. In this way there are more parallels and connections between past and present than the obvious ones.

It’s the story of two Daniel Jones’s and of a large property in Pembrokeshire, linked to the Jones family in indirect ways. The property is the focal point in a story of a lot of odd characters, namely war heroes and their families, mirrored in the story of other real life heroes outisde of war.

This is great story telling and characterisation with lovely Welshness and some contemporary issues. Intelligent, well written with clever use of language, engaging and hugely enjoyable this is funny, even when it’s not. An odd oddyssey but a fabulous read.

The book has the potential to fill several volumes, so rich in characters and material. Spanning and leaping many years and generations, some of which could have their own book, Butler certainly doesn’t lack ideas and imagination

You can meet the author at the Llandeilo Lit Fest

Friday at 20:00 at the Cottage Inn
An evening with Eddie Butler: 


The former Welsh Rugby Union player, journalist, sports commentator and successful author with Gomer Press will talk Rugby and writing and will present his latest book “The Asparagus Thieves”

Noson gydag Eddie Butler:  Bydd y cyn chwaraewr rygbi dros Gymru, newyddiadurwr, sylwebydd ar chwaraeon ac awdur llwyddiannus gyda Gwasg Gomer yn siarad am rygbi ac ysgrifennu a chyflwyno’i lyfr diweddaraf “The Asaparagus Thieves” – Gwener 27ain Ebrill – 20:00yh yn Nhafarn y Cottage