A new release with historical and socio-cultural interest that I’m looking forward to.
The year is 1954 in Shiraz, Iran. Three-year-old Najma is struggling in a family who is wealthy in possessions but impoverished in love and emotions. CLIMBING OVER GRIT follows the journey of Najma as she is forced into a marriage at the age of eleven and faces the challenges of motherhood with an abusive husband, all while the eight-year war with Iraq is taking place. This novel displays the life of a family that has to pay a huge price for making a mistake while trying to protect a loved one. CLIMBING OVER GRIT will offer a realistic and heart wrenching portrayal of life in Iran during the Monarchy and the fanatical government, a reality that the media has and will always fail to convey.

A Voice from Iran

Chapter One

“I think the flashes of bad memories are stronger and more painful. They burn deeply inside your thoughts. They walk with you all day and yell at you all night. You can’t even sleep. But when you do, they haunt you in your dreams, turning them into nightmares. These bad memories are the most loyal companions. They always emerge from the corner of their presence.”

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