We’re creating false illusions about heroism and unrealistic expectations about people.

What about representation and realism?

Don’t get me wrong. I love the fearless hero, too, I admire his actions and wish I could be like him. But I’m probably not going to live up to his standards, however hard I would like to do so.

Sometimes, however, I’m tired of watching or reading about the big-chested models and biceps-bulging machos with their super-powers who never fail and who can make the reader feel small and inadequate for being a regular human.

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Welcome to the second post by Christoph Fischer from his archives. As we develop our heroes are we in danger of creating them all as perfect, strong and able to leap tall buildings?

Do characters all have to be super heroes, brave, unfallible and larger than life? Honouring realism and the right to be human by Christoph Fischer

A recent comment about one of my fictional characters brought up the following thoughts in me.

I know that bravery, attractive cheerleaders and bulging biceps alpha males are the stuff that great dreams and heroic tales are made of.

Of course it is inspiring to read about the people who are fearless and unbreakable.
Authors want to write role models and set good examples.

So characters can become brave, unfallible and larger than life, so that the readers find them likeable and make your book a bestseller.

What about the more normal…

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