James Morgan-Jones was born and brought up on the Essex/London borders. His mother was Welsh and his father from the East End. He trained as a professional actor at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London and worked for several years in the theatre. After a serious accident he retrained as a feline behaviourist and now lives in West Wales. He began writing seriously in 2008 after gaining an MA with Distinction from Trinity Saint David University in Carmarthen. In January 2016 he published his first collection of short stories, Lantern Light, writing as A J Morgan. He then embarked on The Glasswater Quintet, a series of supernatural mystery novels, linked by character and place but set in different decades, from the 1940s onwards. The first book in the series, On the Edge of Wild Water, was published in November 2016, with a second edition by Wordcatcher Publishing following in 2017. The second in the quintet, The Glass Citadel, was released

by Wordcatcher in October 2017.



‘ON THE EDGE OF WILD WATER’ – the first book in THE GLASSWATER QUINTET sequence.

In the glass, reflected light reared like a burning ship. Whispered words, with the urgency of intercession, opened a laceration in her brain. On the livid tissues behind were drawn the cramped dimensions of a dark, musty room…’

In extremis, the future will feed on the past.

Bethan is in the grip of a serious eating disorder. Taken to her late grandmother’s cottage in West Wales in a last-ditch attempt to tackle her illness, there she is beset by unsettling visions. History and place exert a powerful hold on her fragile sense of self.  Driven on by the revelations of a Victorian minister’s journal, her vivid psychic connection with a troubled boy and the ambivalent, enigmatic sway of the visitant Lydia, Bethan is plunged into a one hundred and sixty year-old tragedy as the material world and the voices of the dead collide. The force of a past not yet assuaged is unleashed, compelling Bethan and her parents to confront a seemingly unstoppable catastrophe of their own.

‘On the Edge of Wild Water’ can be ordered directly from the publisher at Wordcatcher.com or from Amazon.

The second gripping installment of the Glasswater Quintet – coming soon.


In its frosted chambers everyone is alone.

An abducted psychic reads the cards to preserve her sanity. In another part of the country, struggling to keep his family from disintegration and to deflect the lethal attentions of an East End gang, Luke is forced to flee his home.

In the long hot summer of 1976, these two strangers are connected in a way neither of them understands. Yet, as mounting obsession and the pursuit of violent revenge send events spiralling out of control, it becomes clear that their lives depend on a mutually-powered drive to prevail.

The cards offer both a line of communication and a tantalizing hint at salvation: Luke and Paige need to rely not only on their wits but on symbiotic faith and vision. Can the intangible ever be strong enough to deliver them – and those closest to them – from the forces of destruction?