It gives me great pleasure to announce that “The Sanctuary on Cayman Brac: Key to the Truth” is available for pre-order (delivered to your kindle on Nov 1st) and available as paperback as of today.

This is not only a sequel to “The Healer” but also an ending to “The Gamblers”.

In “The Sanctuary on Cayman Brac: Key to the truth”” Arpan has set up a training school and spiritual retreat on the small island in the Caribbean. Yet, the peaceful and quiet existence he has sought soon comes to an end. The arrival of Erica teaches him that lose ends won’t stop until they’re truly healed and dealt with. Erica, out to seek revenge for past wrongs soon begins to fall under the Caribbean spell and the magic of Arpan. Torn between her desire for justice and her own longing for peace, what she discovers at the school sets her again on the path of confusion and distrust. Set in a beautiful location and spiked with a crossover from the cast of Fischer’s other mystery novel, “The Gamblers” this is another fast-paced psychological thriller about faith and deceit. Erica will finally find out the full truth about who tricked whom and we’ll all get an answer as to who will walk away with the last laugh.

All three books can be bought together in a box set under the title “Fraud or Miracle Trilogy”. – in paperback and on pre-order. (also to be delivered by Nov 1st)