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Dear all eurovision2013ireland

it’s been somewhat quiet on writerchristophfischer during the last few weeks. I had my head buried deep in the writing and re-writing of my next murder mystery:

“Over My Dead Body – Murder at Eurovision (Bebe Bollinger Murder Mystery 2)”

I feel I have rounded the story up enough to offer the book to beta readers, that is test readers who give a first opinion on the novel. 
That can be a short paragraph with what they liked and didn’t like, or more involved, naming scenes and characters that didn’t work for them, plot holes, stylistic critique, praise for what they liked most and what should feature more etc.

Beta reading is an art. I’m not very good at it, admittedly, as I get easily carried away if I like a book and then I miss plot holes or stylistic short comings that are obvious to others.
It is, however, the biggest service you can do an author. Without critical feedback from the people we try to entertain writing can be self-involved and since I’m a big fan of Eurovision, testing the audience is of particular importance in this case.

If you would like to receive a draft of the novel for beta reading please comment below and I can send you the doc.x or mobi file to your email. (When you comment I automatically can retrieve your email address, so no need to put that in the comment.)



Bebe Bollinger is back. After solving the Murder in the snow in the tiny hamlet of Llangurrey she has come closer to a musical revival. On a cruise ship she makes a new friend: Tom, a gay man from Denmark. He asks for her help investigating several death threats and attacks on performers at the Eurovision Song Contest. But Bebe is busy with talk shows and career plans, so she sends her side kick Beth Cooper to assist Tom.

Eurovision is a European music extravaganza with a cult following, a competition of 40 odd countries sending one song each. Rehearsals, semi-finals, lengthy voting rituals, camp and cheesy music, outrageous costumes, outlandish props, political voting and attention seeking staging are some of its endearing and challenging characteristics.


When Bonnie Tyler is chosen to represent the UK, Bebe regrets not having pushed herself forward for the ticket to advance her career. What did Bonnie know that Bebe didn’t?
Meanwhile in Malmo, Sweden, Beth discovers first-hand the madness of obsessive fans and needs to establish whether the accidents are merely accidents, as organisers believe.

Meet media and music industry darlings from all over Europe, sinister schemers, celebrities and Bebe and Beth’s new friends.