41yN5a-d7PLA very entertaining, smoothly flowing narrative strand that illustrates the valley life of Lewis Davies, a likeable and honest young man whose life revolves around earning a living in deprived Wales, Rugby and sex.
Davies has a great voice that endears the reader even to the less gentlemanly aspects of his behaviour. His honesty is refreshing, the style often tongue-in-cheek, softening the blow of some harsher truths and realities within the novel.
Great descriptive and analytical writing without ever being too overloaded or busy.
Very enjoyable


Lewis Davies’s noveLewis Daviesls include Work, Sex and Rugby which won the World Book Day Award for Wales, Tree of Crows and My Piece of Happiness and he won the Rhys Davies short story competition for ‘Mr Roopratna’s Chocolate’. He was awarded the John Morgan Writing Award for work on the political travel book Freeways. He also published a selection of literary essays As I Was a Boy Fishing and recently a critically acclaimed selection of stories Love and Other Possibilities.
He has also worked extensively in Welsh theatre and has had six plays professionally produced – My Piece of Happiness, Without Leave, Spinning the Round Table, Football, Sex and Power at the Beau Rivage and most recently Supertramp, Sickert and Jack the Ripper which was performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He has also worked with the Kolcatta based Tin Can Theatre company. He has also written commissioned scripts for television, film and radio documentary.

His work for younger readers includes a series of children’s picture books available in both English and Welsh Tai and the Tremorfa Troll, developed with the illustrator Hayley Acreman.