517S6Lh5oEL.jpgToday I have a special treat: A book that truly swept me away, and by surprise, too. I’ve read several of H A Dawson’s thrillers in the past and absolutely loved them. But this is definitely my favourite. The psychological tension drips from every page from the word go, long before I even understood what the plot was going to be like. Some writers just have that talent to keep you interested, almost as if they could quote from the phone book and you’d still be paying attention. It’s a gift.
The narrator in this novel, nurse Shona concedes some fascinating thoughts and details about her life, such as the relationship to her late father, whom she lost at the tender age of 5. I’m a big fan of psychology but not always of psychological thrillers.
Dawson brings in a lot of analytical insight into her narrator, through own reflections and through the presence of friends who try to assist her in solving the problems in her life and the riddle of our plot.
When a seemingly random patient tells Shona a completely different version about her father’s passing the intriguing mystery intensifies and we’re moving towards the exact plot.
It’s one of the best signs of a psychological thriller when there isn’t a murder or a death yet the sense of an impending threat or danger is omnipresent.
As we’re trying to disentagle a web of lies and deceipt we have to question almost everyone’s motivation. Who is telling her what and for what reason? Who can she trust and believe? What happened to her father and why was she lied to about this in the first place?
I had anticipated one of Dawson’s wonderful mysteries and was swept away by this breath-taking and truly addictive master piece of a thriller.
Intelligent, well written and with a fair share of surprises this is excellent and highly recommended. One of the best books I’ve read in a while.

From the Amazon blurb:

When your profession compels you to help people should you ever refuse a dying person’s pleas?

A nurse is an unwitting accomplice to a patient’s scheming. The subterfuge and manipulation have regrettable consequences as this mystery of a dead son unfurls into a family catastrophe.

How would you feel trapped in a cage because you threw away the key?

Shona is a conscientious and compassionate nurse, and her character directs the track of this mystery. The desire to care for this terminal cancer patient pushes her into a situation where the suspense squeezes so intensely that you cramped for breath as you feel this gentle lady’s anguish.

Nurses are not prone to brash actions, but Shona’s bound by emotional chains, dragged along by a patient’s desire for restitution and revenge. In wars, there are no winners as everyone must endure the inevitable devastation.

A gripping British suspense with a disturbing moral dilemma and a twist so vicious your mind will scream!
This author takes pride in presenting the reader with a strong theme immersed in dramatic content. Are you a calm person who can handle friends and family members when their behaviour becomes unreasonable? Then you have a stable psychological profile, but would you betray yourself or stick to your principles come what may?

H A Dawson writes “Women’s contemporary thrillers” You will definitely enjoy her diverse works if you have praise for the following bestselling authors. A J Waines, Rachel Abbott, Mark Edwards, Louise Voss, C L Taylor, Sophie Hannah,
Elizabeth Haynes, Angela Marsons, Sharon Bolton and Linwood Barclay.

H A Dawson


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