A busy and buzzing day, the busiest in town this year with plenty of fantastic sessions and great discussons. Here are just a few pctures from Saturday

A beautiful poetry session in the Horeb Chapel with Mel Perry and Mark Mordey, supported excellently by the magnificent music duo Fiddlebox

The talented and charismatic Sion Tomos Owen gave a fantastic recital of his work, in Welsh and English to a packed and hypnotised audience. Diolch yn fawr!

An inspiring and entertainign discussion between two very witty time travel authors: Jodi Taylor and Jasper Fforde. A definite highlight of the festival with a large crowd and a lively discussion, moderated by Accent Press mastermind Hazel Cushion.

Jo Mazelis gave a mesmerising performance of her often dark and always evocative stories and poetry, supported by Elsa Davies, Ceri Owen Jones and Jason Lawday on fiddle, harp and flute.

FullSizeRender (2)

Welsh learner Sarah Reynolds on writing her book in Welsh

Nuria Otte’s workshop for children

Popular Children’s events in Eve’s Toy Shop

Lucky Book Hunters in Mari Thomas Jewellery and the Red Cross Book Shop

IMG_0291and West Moreland Sheepskin

The buzzing Book Fair and the award ceremony for the short story competition, which was chaired by judge Graham Watkins and honoured by the Town Major who handed out the prizes.

Some of the many volunteers