Once again our Welsh event proved the most popular event of the day. An evening of entertainment by Carmarthenshire’s brightest and best young Welsh poets: Eurig Salisbury, Elinor Wyn Reynolds, Miriam Elin Jones and Endaf Griffiths. Torri Tir had the audience bursting with laughter. 

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Fans of Sherlock Holmes gathered to a fabulous performance by David Stuart Davies, who delivered a top event with “The Game’s Afoot”, where Author and creation Sherlock Holmes meet in a hugely entertaining encounter. A truly remarkable evening with a long queue for signed copies of his books.



David Ebsworth held an informative and well presented speech about the Spanish Civil War, with a lively Question and Answer session. David was so involved in the talk that he forgot to plug his new book, and had to be helped by the festival staff to draw attention to his fabulous and critically acclaimed writing.


Now on to the full festival days. Hope to see you there!

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