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It would be a bit too late to put on an Easter/ Chocolate Egg Hunt during the Llandeilo Lit Fest April 27 – 30. But don’t despair: The Llandeilo Book Fairy will bring you something even better:

16444161_10212036955621561_1356546103_oThe Book Hunt #LlandeiloLitFest

On Saturday 29th of April Llandeilo will be the scene of a town wide book / treasure hunt.

A map with the festival locations and the participating businesses is already available all around town. From 10am onwards we invite you to roam those businesses to find the treasures which the Book Fairy will be hiding for you. 

There will be books for all ages and tastes, some tickets for sold out events and vouchers for signed copies from authors present. Parcels and envelopes will be left in the participating businesses all over Llandeilo for you to find. Each of those businesses will have at least two treasures, which will be hidden throughout the day, so you can attend your favourite events and still have a shot at finding a literary treasure.

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The hunt will be a collaboration with the Llandeilo Book Fairy who recently brought the fabulous idea of the Kidwelly Book Hunters to town.16523452_10154840607377347_1480942931_o