One of the great advantages of organising a literature festival is all the reading one ‘has to do’. Today I present you my review of “The Assassin’s Mark” by David Ebsworth, who will be at the Llandeilo Lit Fest on Friday April 28th at 6pm at the Angel Inn

Eventbrite - David Ebsworth: Five Things You (Almost Certainly) Didn’t Know About The Spanish Civil War  £5,90 Five things you (almost certainly) didn’t know about the Spanish Civil War  with David Ebsworth

2017 marks the 80th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War,  and inspires David’s session on Five Things You (Almost Certainly) Didn’t Know About The Spanish Civil War.

But back to my review:

The book is a very well plotted and very readable historical thriller. A slightly left-leaning journalist joins a group of nationalist-leaning tourists on their way to civil-war-torn Spain. Their aim is to learn about the conflict and see the effects of the Civil War, but the story takes a different turn as they are being captured soon into their journey.
Ebsworth has created a wide range of brilliant characters for this novel, all bringing slightly different aspects of the war to the story and to the complex and competent portrayal of the political situation in Spain and wider Europe. Set over a period of only two weeks in 1938, as the fate of Czechoslovakia is being decided as well, this is a really gripping and informative read, containing a lot of suspense and delivering some stunning surprises.
I particularly enjoyed the skilful portrayal of the complexity of the conflict in Spain, the manifold vested interests by different groups and their effects.
I never knew there was so much to learn about the Spanish Civil War and I hugely enjoyed this novel. Very accomplished.


At the Litfest David will also discuss the Welsh involvement in the war; how the Spanish Civil War is still important; how it’s been portrayed in popular literature; and some of the stranger than fiction facts that inspire him to keep writing novels on the subject…

Wrexham based David Ebsworth has written six historical novels since 2009, when he retired as negotiator and regional secretary for the Transport & General Workers Union. Until the Curtain Falls is  his latest political thriller, set in the final months of the Spanish Civil War and a sequel to his 2013 best seller in similar setting.


Lle: Yr Angel, 6 o’r gloch, dydd Gwener, 28ain Ebrill

Mae 2017 yn nodi 80ain ers Rhyfel Cartref Sbaen, pwnc sydd wedi  ysbrydoli   yr awdur David Ebsworth am flynyddoedd ac sy’n sail y sesiwn:  Five Things You (Almost Certainly) Didn’t Know About The Spanish Civil War

Daw David o Wrecsam ac ers 2009 ysgrifenodd 6 nofel hanesyddol.  Mae ei gyfrol diweddara Until the Curtain Falls  wedi ei leoli yn Sbaen yn ystod misoedd olaf y Rhyfel Cartref ac yn ddilyniant i nofel ysgrifennodd yn 2013.

Bydd David yn trafod  hanes rhai o’r unigolion o Gymru aeth i frwydro yn y rhyfel, sut  y portreir y rhyfel mewn llenyddiaeth, a pham bod y cyfnod chwyldroadol hwn wedi  ei ysbrydoli I lenydda.