The author of this blog post contacted me to point out that we share some similar interests, and she was spot on. Please go to her blog and check out the original article, which will be of interest to anyone who enjoyed my historical novels, for sure.

Not a migrant

I was not planning a visit but an accidental stop-over on the way to spa Town of Piestany took my breath away. Forget the iced coffees and elderberry lemonades that cooled us down on a hot August day. Forget the comfortable seating in discreet compartments fenced off by bookshelves. Instead, imagine driving into a narrow street of Austro-Hungarian character, squeezed between numerous churches, towers and spires. Picture a towerless white washed building with circle and arched windows reminiscent of a Greek Church would it not be for a tablet of ten commandments placed above the entrance.

Welcome to the Synagoga Cafe – a new type of a  Coffee House with an ornamental ceiling that will make you wow and the altar (with another ten commandments tablet) that will make you think. Numerous art pictures, books, antiques and memorabilia, hanged on the walls or exhibited leisurely about the hall will make you brush upon your knowledge of…

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