Llandeilo Litfest

Sunday April 30th
at 2pm
at the Fountain Fine Art Gallery

Eventbrite -  Tipping Point: Climate Change and the Stories We Tell  Admission is Free

TippingPoint: Climate Change and the Stories We Tell

We hear many stories about climate change – from scientists, economists and environmentalists. But what can the worlds of fiction, poetry, non-fiction and drama contribute to how we understand and respond to this complex issue?

This event will explore the power of narrative in helping us come to terms with climate change.

Following an event called Weatherfronts – a project made possible by Free Word, TippingPoint and Durham University – five commissioned authors together with a climate scientist will discuss their work based on the belief that humans are wired to respond to stories more than ‘facts’, their hope is to reach new audiences whose engagement with science and politics is limited:

·       Justina Hart: a poetry sequence called Doggerland Rising

·       Emma Howell: a story…

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