Beware of some adult content in this hommage to days and insouciance past. For those with a wild youth a definite must read. Thanks Natalie!


joe_perry_26I saw a couple coming out of the station today, stumbling as they were walking entangled in each other—they kissed like there was no tomorrow and of course they were young enough that for them, there isn’t. It’s the moment that counts and tomorrow doesn’t exist.

I felt a stab of keen jealousy, remembered a gig I went to years ago when I ended up coming out of the same station in very much the same euphoric mood.
It was Aerosmith in London, I flashed my boobs at Joe Perry, showed him the Aerosmith wings drawn on my stomach by the boyfriend who was an artist.
I was drunk on cider and forgot my usual scorn about groupies that day—those ridiculous girls who will blow the roadies to get backstage—and was ready to be one of them. Not that I was going to give the roadies head, fuck them, but…

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