Nicolai and Elena Ceaușescu – two of the wackiest Communist dictators of the Cold War era (and I don’t use the term “wacky” lightly) – were executed on Christmas day, 1989. And to the bitter end, they were madly in love.

I was going to write a little retrospective of their eventful reign on the actual anniversary of their deaths, but I just didn’t think it exemplified the proper Christmas spirit. I do, however, think it’s perfect for the Bloody Valentine’s Day blog hop.

And bloody they were, from the proverbial blood on their hands from the hundreds, perhaps thousands of execution orders they signed, to the very real blood that soaked their cashmere coats on the day their own firing squad unloaded on them.

But I’m getting ahead of myself here. This is a love story, after all. And like any good love story, we need to start at…

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