My story about an unrequited love for Valentine’s day on Victoria’s wonderful blog ❤


Stories of unrequited love are usually dripping with ennui and longing. The promise of what could have been grips you like a toothache, and suddenly you’re kicking yourself for not having the guts to bare your soul to someone who you felt in your heart had been waiting for  you to come along. If only you’d had the nerve.

The following story is a bit of a twist on that, and one that left me feeling hopeful instead of wistful.

“Long before I had the guts to come out, I tried to overcome my ‘unnatural inclinations’ and suppress my gay desires. I know that such stories are plentiful these days and really old news from a past we’ve all moved on from.  So I promise I won’t bore you with that old chestnut. This is only to set the scene for my first love, experienced in the late nineteen-eighties.

I channelled…

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