This was recommended to me by a reader of one of my novels. Eagerly I got the audiobook version and listened to it. All the Light We Cannot See Audiobook
The story is very wellthought out: On the one hand we have a blind girl in Paris and later on in the French countryside, guardian of a secret and part of the resistance.
On the other two orphans in Germany who like to listen to the radio. The boy learns how to repair radios and gets prematurely called for army service because of his talents.
For my liking the stories ran parallel for a little too long, exhausting my willingness to switch locations and wait for the moment the stories will cross over. I grew impatient but was rewarded when the moment finally came and the author did not go for the obvious, making it a much better story than I had anticipated at that moment.
Quite an achievement and overall a good story,

Great story telling and suspense and lovely characters

4 Stars