Llandeilo Litfest

Sunday April 30th
at 12 noon
At the Horeb Chapel, Cawdor HotelNation poem.jpg

Pete is a rugby mad poet and musician, whose poem ‘ A Nation Holds Its Breath Again’ kicked off last year’s Welsh rugby season with nearly 20,000 You Tube views.

You can watch the video here.crowgig3.jpg

Pete Akinwumni

in his own words:

I’ve been a musician in S.Wales for the past 40 years, gigging continuously for the past 23 to the current day. I started spoken word performances in 2011 and was fortunate enough to win a reading spot at the’ How the Light Gets In’ festival, which is the fringe event to Hay Literary festival. I write about philosophical issues, political perspectives and personal experiences which I hope will add to the sum of human artistic impressions albeit in a small way. I write primarily because I love words and wordplay, juggling with meanings using nuance as…

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