Book review, No Sex Please

I’ve recently published D G Kaye’s review of this book and due to her praise and my intrigue, I  couldn’t help myself and had to read it, too. I was not disappointed.

It is written with a great sense of humour and observational wit about the consequences of ageing in men and women. While the title is cleverly chosen and draws our attention, there is much more than humour to this story. It is honest and reflective as well as entertaining, it has more plot than you would have expected and makes you think about and care for the characters.

Unpredictable and avoiding unnecessary stereotypes this surprised me in many ways. There is a lot of funny scenes in this as well as some more serious notes. Hugely enjoyable, an easy and compelling read that is definitely recommended.


After going through the menopause Lyn finds that she no longer wants sex. This is unfortunate, as her husband Neil still does. When he discards her after 35 years of marriage like an old worn out shoe, Lyn moves to Cornwall to start a new life. However, new friends are hard to find, and she feels lonely.

On the spur of the moment she decides to join an online dating site, ‘MatchULike’, just for companionship. Amongst the peculiar people she meets is Peter; shy, and conscious that his ‘gentleman’s’ operation has rendered him an unattractive prospect in the marriage stakes. Lyn makes a friend of Peter, but when Neil gets to hear about the friendship he realises too late that there is more to a relationship than just sex, and he suddenly starts to appear back on the scene and wants to turn her life upside down all over again!

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