silent-quarry“The Silent Quarry” is a very cleverly plotted gem.  An episode set in the past is revisited, a terrible crime committed in said Quarry in a quiet village in Wales, with the survivor hinting at the horrors suffered.

Then the clock winds forward and we move into the life of said victim,  28 years later, when a new crime is committed with links to the old. Memory loss and recovery are used excellently, the suspense and the mystery are very well handled throughout and maintain a draw into the book that is hard to resist.

I read this at a very busy time in my life but once I had started I could simply not stop. Very well written without the need for excessive cliff-hangers or reader manipulation this is a very enjoyable thriller. The characters are well chosen, from the detective to the victim.With some dark parts and some more traditional mystery elements, the book should happily appeal to crime fiction fans of many persuasions. A great read.

I’m very pleased to announce that Cheryl will be part of a panel discussion at the Llandeilo LitFest about Welsh thrillers on Saturday 29th April at noon at the Angel Inn.



Official blurb for the book:
In 1987 a quiet Welsh village was devastated by a brutal attack on two schoolgirls, Bethan Hopkins and Gwen Collier. Only Gwen survived, with horrific injuries and no memory of the attack. The killer was never caught.
Now, nearly thirty years later, Gwen has gone missing and DI Winter Meadows is assigned to the case. Charismatic and intuitive, he has an uncanny gift for finding the truth. But in this small and close-knit community, the past is never far away, and those who have secrets will go to any lengths to keep them. Tensions run high as old feelings and accusations are stirred. And DI Meadows has to battle his own demons as he uncovers a truth he wished had stayed in the past …
The Silent Quarry is the first in the DI Winter Meadows series by Cheryl Rees-Price.

Cheryl Rees-Price is the author of the DI Winter Meadows crime series published by Accent Press. Cheryl was born in Cardiff and now lives in Brynaman. She works as a finance director for a project management company. Titles include Echoes, The Silent Quarry and Frozen Minds.

Ganed Cheryl yng Nghaerdydd ond mae bellach yn byw ger Brynaman. Mae’n gweithio fel cyfarwyddwr ariannol ac hi yw awdur y gyfres
DI Winter Meadows gan Accent Press. Mae’n awdur ar nifer o lyfrau eraill gan gynnwys Echoes, The Silent Quarry a Frozen Minds. 




The Silent Quarry

Frozen Minds